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Re: Please help me! Looking for answers
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Please help me! Looking for answers

It's not that easy if you've had them for a long time. I consumed plenty of coconut oil and MCT oil while on a ketogenic diet and after several months did expel one obvious critter. It is possible that I starved it as they love sugars and grains (so I hear, anyway). Several days before it came out terrible stomach pains started. There were hundreds more where that one came from but they didn't come out on their own. After many many many methods and parasite cleanses I finally believe I'm parasite free. I still felt terrible though until I got rid of whatever the little boogers left behind. The lady doing my colonic said it was ammonia. Apparently she could tell by the color coming through the tube. If you kill them, FLUSH THEM OUT! Enemas, colonics, both... however you want. But flush them out!

My confirmed species were Ascaris (a roundworm), toxoplasma gondii, another one that when I looked it up said it was a type of hookworm, and sarco-something. After a lot of homeopathic attempts I finally decided on the "No more messing around" technique. One in which my chiropractor probably couldn't ethically tell me to do since it uses a product marketed for animals only. When I told him my plan, he didn't argue it though! I took Valbazen 2.5 mg twice a day for 3 days. On 5-day breaks in between I kept taking the typical herbal stuff you will find on this site (wormwood, clove, Black-Walnut , etc). I did the Valbazen cycle 3 times (9 non-consecutive days of Valbazen) but did stress my thyroid a bit in the process. The fatigue was worse than ever. My hair even started falling out which my chiropractor was able to get under control quickly.

The reason that I don't think coconut oil alone will work is that many of these creatures are very stubborn. Plus, they don't all live in the intestines. Coconut oil is supposed to be excellent for repairing your intestines and should help to keep these suckers at bay in the future. But sometimes you need to take more drastic measures when they are stubborn or in other organs, like mine were.

Sporozoites in muscle tissue were also later found and have hopefully been cured by some crazy homeopathic concoction (I will find out soon if it worked). I can't imagine that coconut oil passing through the digestive tract could possibly kill something living in the muscle tissue. Plus, if coconut oil were the cure-all, there's no way I would have had all of these creatures inside of me.

PS. After I saw my first OBVIOUS parasite I went to my primary care physician (I really only go for the annual insurance covered blood work). He didn't do any tests and said if there were more in there I would see blood in my stool or still have bad stomach problems. I didn't even bother arguing as I knew I'd be going down this road outside of western medicine. Plus, I knew if he did do a test it wouldn't be the kind of test I'd want anyway. It would be the kind insurance would cover. Please know that these do not work. My husband has a different doctor who DID test (with blood work), with negative results. I then sent him to my chiropractor who disagreed. After I put him on the Valbazen he expelled text book liver flukes. I have no idea if he still has them but we will be following up. The moral of the story is don't believe the results of a blood test.

Don't give up until you are sure they are gone. You're sure to come in contact with more so get healthy and keep them from desiring your body. Feed yourself things they hate and avoid eating the things they love (especially Sugar and grains). I plan to keep them at bay the best I can so that I never have to go through this again! I plan to keep occasionally doing the colonics too. I so wish I had a picture of the biggest one that passed through an colonic tube once (before the Valbazen). She clamped the tube so I could see it. When she let go I was wishing that I could keep him in a jar as a reminder! Gross, I know. But once you see these things you will become more and more obsessed with getting them out and keeping them out.

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