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I hope I can win this war, cause today I lost the battle.
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Published: 6 years ago

I hope I can win this war, cause today I lost the battle.

Hi Eveyone,
Was wondering if anyone has experienced what I did tonight, and if they,have any suggestions for me. A few weeks ago the worms on my scalp and body decided to reveal to me that they were in fact worms. They did this by all of them turning from what appeared to be my hair into worms. That freaked me out, Then bout a week later they lol turned wormagain at same time and decided they were all going too come down towards my face, I really freaked out. Since then they have decided that they will just stay worm looking now and just a little while ago they all started moving at once and there was a rush towards my eyes by so many of them . Freaked out again. I have had them in my eyes before and they appear like clear worms but this time there must have been at least 20-30 of them get into my eyes. I finally stopped triing and gave up. My eyes right now are on fire, red and all puffy.I am just sick and tired of this shit. My life has completely changed since June. Completely. I feel hopeless at this point. Iím hoping this emotional shit is just a phase. Started a parasite cleanse on Sat, and Monday started Fenbendazole. I just want my life back!!! I have NO MEDICAL SUPPORT. My Doctor of 15 yrs was not going to do anything further after 2 stool tests were Neg. and I told him I continued to pass worms everytime I poop, and I also at that time had an invisible bug on my head. (Or so I thought it was a bug.) I had also already at that time lost 20 lbs since June that has gone to over 30. And he wasnít going to do anything else. WTH!!!!! Everything about this STUFF IS SOME CRAZY SHIT! No I guess Im the crazy shit or so my son thinks so and has stopped talking to me because I wouldnít sign myself into a mental health facility to be observed. OMG. And now I have been told by Couple ppl that my symptoms sound like Morgellons....I donít know what to think about that More scared ? Right now I donít even know how to feel. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

BY THE WAY: whom ever suggested to put tanactin on thei worms to slow their roll a bit... IT WORKED!!!! Nothing has worked in awhile THANK YOU.🤗

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