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ringworm, dyshidrosis, die off reaction
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Published: 4 years ago

ringworm, dyshidrosis, die off reaction

I have what I think is a fungal infection. Started a few years back with what I thought was a Lyme disease bullseye rash on my leg. I treated and treated but it wouldnt go away which is when I realized it must be ringworm (. Spread to my feet and, along with my 15 year dyshidrosis malady (seasonal btw, always attributed it to mold which is being addressed) turned my hands into a weeping mess. During all this I actually got rid of entire foot of toenail fungus, yay!) That's the backstory in a nutshell.
Now: Saw Doc, she wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole because of the different things going on and referred me to a derm, appt 3 months down the road, thanks, but i'll handle it myself or die (she's fine and all but has never heard of the Herxheimer effect. I have so little faith in Doctors these days) So, I'm doing all sorts of things, Vit A protocol, which turns the skin over so fast that the fungus can't survive, I just stopped that after a month because I thought it might be contributing to what is now happening (also it had Vit. D in it and I shouldve known better, the protocol is to take 30,000iu of A a day for 90 days)
Now I'm on Humaworm (1 week) and soaking areas with Colloidal Silver . My hands are just about clear of the ringworm, feet and legs look a mess but I think they are healing, which I can tell because i'm not scratching everything open anymore, only a few scratchy spots left. Every morn I wake up to a thin layer of dead skin, which i remove. The concurrent issue has become swelling, edema in my legs and arms, which sent my BP way up. Now that's subsiding but remains is a lovely rash, all over my body. It can't be ringworm and I am prone to hives but doesnt really seem like the hives I usually get, not as itchy, thank god, but weepy here and there. Is this die off you think? Parts of it weep for a day and then move to a different part. My eyes are getting a little swollen, all around my mouth which reacted to oregano oil when i dropped some in a cap and it accidentally got on my mouth, is all angry and red again. I look so glamorous!
Sry this is so long. I hope I am at the end of this because I am at the end of my rope. Thank you for any suggestions of clearing this all over body rash!

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