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Re: vulcanel is now gonna fix all the people he damaged with iodine
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: vulcanel is now gonna fix all the people he damaged with iodine

thats novel. accusations of antisemitism.

your a liar and a hypocrite. youve done nothing but self promote and tease people and be stingy with info and laugh saying they dont deserve it and you should get the credit for it and twist them and manipulate them.

im not going to lay down for you. youve had your fun on curezone. now clean it up.

i didnt damage anyone with Iodine because - hey - the ones who had the troubles were too afraid to do what i said. they did what YOU said. i dont have any detracters that arent liars. everyone i have ever dealt with personally and privately and publically ar just fine with me. i never lied to anyone and everyone who counted on what i said was not disappointed, at least as far as my advice went. i got thank you cards, letters, notes how i saved someones uterus or breasts or whatever, gifts, lots of little gifts out of the blue, sometimes even cash.

everything i have ever said here is all in the open plain and clear as a bell. YOU, on the other hand, have disclaimed half the shit you have said (at least) by changing your name or using that "user X" thingy. i have never used that ever and dont even know how.

YOU are the one who introduced me to jim stone and said i should really check that guy out. but youre not consistent. you do go back and forth from keeping your eyes on the jews to actually admiring them and trying to do what they do, which is steal other peoples ideas and make themselves look good at other peoples expense.

oh, and i can just keep on going. your detractors will just love me.

how far should i go, old chum? lets stick to iodine, shall we. i suggest people run back through the pages of the vwt and they will find my posts which make very clear statements about Iodine supplementation. they dont waver. i was found in need of correction from time to time and lo and behold, i corrected my speil. but look at user X over there. lots of snide comments, personal attacks, and some absolutely gleaming worshipful rants on the wonders and virtues of Iodine and its adherents and how everyone else is fool and shill or whatever words you called them. youre cagey and dont like specifics. but they are there, too many for you to find and hide. your style is easy to spot. have fun, everyone.

youve attack me on that forum out of the blue in a viscous manner and then in person ask me, its ok, right? im just keepin everybody on their toes, right? it blows peoples minds. you dont mind, do ya? got any pot?

but theres so much more it is staggering. shall i proceed?

theres nothing here for me. i dont sell anything. you cant hurt me. come to my house and attack. the prison system in texas has the room. youre a bullshitter. i defended you and allowed you and ignored you and cushioned the fall for you and defended you and lifted you up at my expense and this is the shit you have for me. well, screw you. you have never surprised me and have always underestimated me. im not a hater and i bring the hits. the Webmaster isnt gonna delete me. they deleted you once. you must be a smooth talker. talk away. spin some more yarns. fabricate some more tales. spin it, maestro. cuz it wont change a thing for me. you see, i came to curezone looking for what was wrong with me and the cure for it. i know all those things now. and people know me. and KNOW i dont lie. might not like what i say, but can count on it being from the heart.

shall i proceed? anyone else interested in the rest of the story?????? its a friggin doozy.

by the way, work harder. there are lots of people out there that cant take iodine. how many times have you called them pussies???


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