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colon blocked with parasites?
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Published: 4 years ago

colon blocked with parasites?

I'm new to this and a bit overwhelmed and scared so please go easy on me if im off the mark on this one. I will try not to get too graphic. I had been having trouble going to the bathroom for a couple days. I previously was very regular. I noticed blood and figured maybe a hemorrhoid. Then one day I noticed what looked like a blood clot when trying to go to the bathroom. A couple days went by and I could feel a clump, like there was something there but it wouldn't come out. Sorry guys but here goes...after a couple days I knew I needed to go to the bathroom and could feel the"clump" closer to the exit so to speak. I had no choice at this point but to try and pull out whatever the blockage was. It was a clump of bloody, fleshie looking pieces. It looked like raw liver pieces or pieces of the inside of my body. Also I took out what I could but didn't get it all. I don't feel anything in there but I know there's more I didn't get that's still inside me. Needless to say I was very scared. After researching and reading other posts here, it sounds like it may be liver flukes or flukes in general. Does this sound right? Any Ideas?

Years ago I had something similar happen. I think it may have been parasite eggs. I needed to manually remove the clump then also and it was bloody and looked like pomegranate seeds. I don't eat pomegranates by the way. Scared out of my mind because again no regular bowel movement just bloody pieces so I went to the ER(I typically avoid drs at all costs) They ran blood work and said all looked fine. They looked at the "seed" sample I brought in and said" oh wow, we've never seen anything like that before" and then let me go. As I was walking out the door they said they have no idea what that sample was but they said maybe its parasite related.

sorry so long. Desperate for feedback.

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