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Re: I'm at the end of my rope. No one has helped me.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: I'm at the end of my rope. No one has helped me.

Have you ever tested your stomach acid production capability?

This is usually the first thing that is compromised before people get parasites and a long list of illnesses happen.

Stomach acid is usually affected by the infection of the stomach by urease positive bacteria which produce large amounts of ammonia to neutralise all stomach acid. With this defence down, the body is unable to destroy parasites or keep the small intestine clear of bacteria and SIBO can occur. These bacteria and maybe other infectious micro-organisms are extremely difficult to destroy and are highly Antibiotic resistant. No Antibiotics will destroy them without additional things such as Quorum Sensing Inhibitors to allow their biofilm to be eliminated and Efflux Pump Inhibitors to prevent them from removing antimicrobials which makes them a little easier to destroy. The biggest problem is that there are quite a few different bacteria which are urease positive and can infect the stomach. Some staphylococcus infections are urease positive and a number of helicobacter types are also urease positive.

You might try an acid test to see if it produces any wind. It is not a conclusive test but when urease activity is high which it would be with helicobacter pylori and one staph infection, it should produce some wind/burp when acid and saliva is swallowed.

The other test for stomach acid involves drinking sodium bicarb on an empty stomach such as first thing in the morning. Then timing how long it takes to burp. This like urease ammonia produces carbon dioxide gas which should cause a burp.

BTW these stomach infections are also the cause of autoimmune illness and Increased Digestive Permeability. What you are experiencing could be due to this. You might have IBS which is a result of the infection in your stomach as the colon is connected to the stomach by the vagus nerve and an attack against a surface in the stomach causes an effect in the colon which can cause IBS. Both the colon and stomach are both highly permeable. Joint aching sounds like it could be an autoimmune problem. Bone cracking which is something I had from childhood could be a result of poor mineral absorption due to lack of stomach acid. You would probably have poor protein absorption too. Proteins will be being absorbed into your bloodstream whole which causes an antibody reaction. That then results in autoimmune problems in areas where immune system control is weakened.

You say you are bedridden. Are you also tired/exhausted?

It sounds like a highly absorbable form of magnesium might be helpful. Your swollen ankles could be poor lymph function but could have other causes. The nervous system function near to the skin and outer parts of the body is probably poor, this does affect the skin and lymph.

It does sound like your cortisol levels are high, your kidney energy is probably weak ie mood problems which also leads to chronicslly high cortisol levels. This will cause muscle breakdown. Poor protein digestion (stomach acid) could be part of the problem because your body might not be getting sufficient amino acids for what it needs to do. This will cause a rise in cortisol to break down muscle to provide the required amino acids.

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