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Re: UK Doctors Uncover Proof Of Palestinian Hospitals Torturing Palestinians in Palestine
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: UK Doctors Uncover Proof Of Palestinian Hospitals Torturing Palestinians in Palestine

Yeah well im absolutely discusted by drs around here in the US. Some mean well, but medical treatment is one of the top causes of death in the world. Its common for drs to make up results according to their personal, nonmedical opinion of the person. If the dr wants a surgery, theyll make up whatever to have a surgery. Drs can be some of the worst, most evil citizens of a society, worse than politicians. The absolute vomit of a civilization. With more "power" than politicians bc theyre often in charge of whether a person lives or dies, but many times they abuse this authority. Bc if you notice anything about a lot of ppl, they enjoy trying to have authority over others. Such as this article, people torturing others trying to havw authority and control. since its a top ten sought after job, any whacko can join. Think of all the creeps who think itd be fun to experiment w surgery on people- theyre not all hiding in a basement somewhere, many go on to become drs. A lot of serial killers nowadays have had some fascination w studying human anatomy books. THrinking right now of someone i knew who had one leg bc of a scootwr accident. Over a decade later, they decided to just remove his other leg bc of an infection. Im sure that this was for fun, bc theyre sick like that. Check out how many unnecessary hysterectomies are given, n how many are male doctors who perhaps hated their mothers or something, so nowadays they hate women. The statistics. Or the psychotic lesbian gynecologists working. One had a problem bc i avoided eye contact. Since when is eye contact necessary w the gynecologist? Most of the medications out kill people, but if someone has a side effect, the dr will do whatever to act like it didnt happen. A patient must never dare go against their beloved medication, since they mainly just work for the pharmaceutical industry. Of course there are some good drs, just like there are some good politicians, but there are just as many corrupt. How often do they make up illnesses just to hand out medicines? But its not just human drs. A veterinarian, whom i personally know, threatened to euthanize a coworker bc she didnt put an animal in the cage. He also had images of animals all over his pg that he had surgery on n died. Pictures of guts n stuff. Yeah, sadly, palestine isnt the only place this stuff goes on. Should check out some of the weirdos working in trauma at the hospitals here. Theyll try to get away w whatever they can. Ive heard a lot of other stories of other people being tortured by drs overseas, but its not just overseas , it goes on everywhere.

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