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CureZone Newsletter Issue 217: Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Published: 6 years ago

CureZone Newsletter Issue 217: Rheumatoid Arthritis


If you are suffering from the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the fastest road toward pain-free life is by making some simple assumptions.
#1 assumption: your symptoms are related to your everyday diet. In other words, RA is just another symptom of food intolerance or food allergy.  The most common RA triggers are industrially processed foods, milk, wheat, fruit juices, nuts and nightshade vegetables. If testing of the #1 assumption fails to help with your symptoms, try the next assumptions.
#2 assumption: Inner body cleansing helps with overall health and with RA symptoms. Read about the liver flushing, coffee enemas, bowel cleansing. 
#3 assumption: RA is related to your dental health.
The next stories illustrate healing effects of those assumptions.

Coffee enema, liver flush & diet cured my EC & Arthritis. Even if this post helps one person, i will be happy. by bunny9dog
My illness later progressed to Arthritis & i lost a lot of weight, possibly more than 10kg. I was sure if i didn't find the right way, it will progress into full autoimmune illness.

How I accidentally cured my arthritis by happydog
I had my wisdom teeth out 25 years ago and they healed up with no problems. I never even heard of cavitations! Two years ago I read Dr Clark and went in for a Total Dental Revision like she recommended. The dentist went ahead and cleaned out my cavitations per the recommended protocol. The next day I picked up something and noticed my hands didn’t hurt anymore but I was busy and didn’t give it much thought. When I went back to the dentist the following week I asked him why he did the cavitation surgery, since I had no symptoms and obviously didn’t need it.

“You are going to be crippled the rest of your life.” by #163730
Doctors told me: “You are going to be crippled the rest of your life.” I have tried almost everything; no medication worked the way I wanted. They didn’t have that many medications that time. The year was 1984; I was 24, pregnant with my daughter, my first pregnancy. I was vegetarian for about 2 years, vegan, and I were exercising a lot. I was running 3 miles a day; swimming a lot, and little bit of weight lifting. I was very athletic person. I was always in perfect health.

My friend's RA pretty much disappeared and he regained 100% of his previously active life back by #217084
I watched in awe as my friend’s RA pretty much disappeared and he regained 100% of his previously active life back. He called it the Pattison Diet.

I regained my memory, patience, energy, slim figure, happiness, feeling of willpower and control around food! by Dr.Jeff
I felt better at 42yrs old with rheumatoid arthritis than I felt in my 20’s without arthritis.

Migraine/Arthritis cures from DR. DC Jarvis Folk Medicine. If you try it, Let us know if it helped. by InCharge

Rheumatoid arthritis and diet by Corey
I was bothered with joint pains and swollen knuckles for many years. Years ago Hopinso mentioned night shade vegetables causing inflammation and/or arthritis. I eliminated them and after a month or two, when the nightshades were gone out of my system, there was no more joint pains.

I reduced the majority of my RA symptoms with diet changes by blonde100
I reduced the majority of my symptoms with diet changes. I had a food sensitivity panel done a couple years back Once I eliminated all the highly and moderate foods plus began a journey of eating for nutrition most of my general inflammation in my hands - my worst spot was alleviated. I do not eat or drink anything in a box or packaged no processed meats sauces salad dressings etc. It takes time to adjust to but I find it very easy now.

Nightshade, arthritis, blood type a diet by superfriend
So I finally tried it, no peppers and no milk for three days...

Few people understand the crippling effects to the immune system by toxic refined sugars by beatty57

When I had it removed it was literally within 24 hours that my eye problems went away! by onlyway
No one ever mentioned to me to have the tooth removed or that it could be related to my some of my problems.

Iodine healing arthritis in hands... by cloverbelle
My mom’s arthritis is getting better and better everyday! She has had arthritis in all of her hands (as did her mother) it was starting to create fungus around her fingernails and she despised it. I bought her some topical iodine and begged her to use it. She agreed.

RA and diet: Nightshade vegetables are a source of inflammation by cannanan

HA protocol with the 35% food grade H202 by Danthaman79
I’ve been mixing up powdered HA for several years now (using pink Himalayan salt as a stabilizer), and it works very well. However, I didn’t get incredibly amazing results until I coupled the HA protocol with the 35% food grade H202 protocol.

Cured their arthritis at the Paracelsus clinic by removing their root canal by phelp

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