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Re: Herpes and bowel movements
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Herpes and bowel movements

I'd like to share my protocol I have never used valtrex or any other antiviral medications , it seems that my outbreaks are triggered by sugary sweet things either drinking or eating I have noticed that the outbreaks are triggered in the intestines by sugary foods and also the organ called the omentum outside of the intestines by sugary drinks. Consider this that each outbreak that you have ever had in any location as a separate HSV 2 worm if you will, that occupies a nearve or blood vessel. They will lie lodged in your blood vessels or nerves and feed directly from your intestines constricting the intestines for any sugary food that you intake will cause these things to eat and results in an outbreak and then erupts on the skin. If your trigger food is eating and then you feel that electric shock or pain in your body you know that that virus has just eaten and soon your outbreak will start. Same goes for sugary drinks these seem to affect the omentum and urinary tract. Your intestines if you will is connected to a road map of various blood vessels and nerves leading to various organs and parts of your body when you ingest food especially Sugar these vessels are provided nutrients that go directly to different parts of your body. I have noticed my trigger food is chocolate and carmels as such I melted candy with equal parts sodium bicarbonate in a double water boiler as to not burn it, slowly stirring for 5 minutes. I have also tried honey with sodium bicarbonate and it is just as effective I plan to use refined Sugar with chocolate and sodium bicarbonate in the future. Then allowing it to cool enough to make Tootsie roll size pill like pieces that I then freeze so that they are easy to swallow. Upon ingesting these candies I feel when the virus eat it and it sort of feels the Alka-Seltzer effect or like pouring peroxide on an open wound sizzling and bubbling immediately upon contact, at first I timed it after swallowing and immediately felt it at first after eating and it took 15 minutes for me to feel that tingling sensation as you well know before the outbreak then I would feel it in my groin area sizzling as if peroxide was poured on an open wound but no break out this time because the virus died from the sodium bicarbonate laced candy, slowly by slowly each day I increased the ingestion of the candy with the baking soda and little by little the amount of time with past would increase as the intestinal tract would clear I think I have clear most of my small intestines clear and now working toward the large intestines. Over the years I have suffered constipation and diverticulitis so in order to get into all the nooks and crannies of the intestine I have taken psyllium husk fiber to stretch out the entire intestinal tract first clearing with a saltwater bath and 30 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade I am flushing my entire colon and starting the candy treatment and fiber, the peroxide will strip any Candida any yeast from the colon walls and leave the virus open so that it may eat, the psyllium husk will expand the colon so that all walls will be exposed to the candy and sodium bicarbonate , I have noticed that after each time I have felt the virus bite and eat the candy then it dissolves and I do not have any outbreaks in that spot ever again.

I do a salt water H2O flush every morning for 3 days and I use approximately 14 tablespoons of psyllium, Taken 2 tablespoons at a time every half hour until my entire intestinal tract is full now. I swallow the candy intermittently throughout the day as the sodium bicarbonate is very salty, so I don't chew it, I only make it small enough, so I can swallow them whole, either roll it and cut them or make small balls. This is got me back to having regular bowel movements and less outbreaks with the proper diet it will continue.

I plan to incorporate some antivirals to see if I can knock out the remainder of this virus. it seems very effective when you lace the candy or trigger food with the sodium bicarbonate it has to be heated up so that the sodium bicarbonate can attach to the sugars, as such creating a poison for the virus.

I have recently been ingesting Turpentine pure oil not the paint thinner kind but the hundred percent pure oil and lacing it was Sugar it is not as effective as the chocolate and baking soda or honey and baking soda. This has minimize my outbreak severely I'm planned to try and find someone who can give me a sugar IV with sodium bicarbonate. If you incorporate fasting with this it will be more effective to starve the virus and then feed it some sugar lace with sodium bicarbonate good luck.


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