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Image Embedded THIS is how to beat cancer (and what causes it)
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Published: 3 years ago
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THIS is how to beat cancer (and what causes it)

So sorry to hear about your wife, my friend. She can definitely beat it, though.

I am surprised that she wasn't regularly taking iodine already, given your high regards for it and your research. On the other hand, I am not surprised at all to see iodine highly praised in your post.  smiley

You know that I have a very high regard for iodine and I believe it is an excellent item to use to both treat and prevent breast cancer. HOWEVER, I would not bet my life, my wife's life or anybody else's life on iodine alone and I hope and pray that you don't do so either.

Iodine deficiency and other mineral and nutrient deficiencies can play large roles in the development of cancer, but based on My own decades of research and that of giants in the field such as Antoine Bechamp and my unsung late friend and mentor Dr. Marc Swanepoel, far and away the number one cause of cancer is exposure to toxins - particularly long-term exposure to toxins in combination with poor cellular terrain, including undernourished cells (such as ones with ioding and other deficiencies).

Question: if iodine deficiency is the primary cause of cancer and ioding supplementation is the cure, then how to explaiin how successful treating cancer with oleander has been since it does nothing to address iodine deficiency and, at least where Dr. Ozel in Turkey was concerned in the thousands of patients he successfully treated for cancer with oleander, there was no iodine supplementation involved?

To be sure, iodine and other defieicencies should all be corrected and it could well be that correcting those deficiencies will result in elmination of someone's cancer. By the same token, removal of root canals has been used sussessfully and so has management of stress/unresolved emotional issues and changes to a healthy diet. I think that ALL of those should be done. And more.

A lasting cure for cancer can only be achieved by 1) eliminating ALL existing cancer in the body, 2) eliminating and then avoiding the root cause(s) that enabled cancer to gain a foothold in the first place (toxins and deficiencies) and 3) building and maintaining a strong natural immune system, which is our first line of defense against cancer and other illness.

No one single item or supplement can be relied on to provide a lasting cure for cancer. Not my beloved oleander and not your beloved iodine. It takes a number of items, imo, and it takes a life-changing committment to a persistently and consistently follow a healthier diet, get optimum nutrtition, get plenty of sunshine, manage stress/unresolved issues, wise supplementation and food choices that fight cancer and boost/modulate the immune system and more - all of which can be found in my suggested protocol - which I will put up against any other protocol out there:


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