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112 years old
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Published: 3 years ago

112 years old

A world war 2 vet may be america's oldest living man today and he still gets around……..

What does he suggest has enabled him?

Drinks booze since a kid and smokes large cigars just as long………………..

This is nothing "new"----a very small booklet called Olive Oil printed some years ago, suggested men from Italy could live to age 100+ and stay drunk and smoke cigars all their life…..that book suggested it was because they consumed olive oil every day and had no dairy and that dairy kills.

This 112 year old is very THIN and he suggest you do not get drunk every 30 minutes, which suggest he probably sips his whisky and more than likely has a lit cigar in his hands when ever he is awake.


HE IS "very" thin and that is a common theme with people who are very old---such as 165+ years old… do not read stories of old people that eat allot of food. In most cases, they ate very little to almost no food.

This 112 year old did not say what he eats, but probably there are longer interviews where he has been asked such questions. What he is most pround of is that he has had a bottle of whisky and a cigar in his hands his entire adult life.

There was a another world war 2 vet a few years ago that turned 100 and moved to Miami after the war because he had metal in his body that could not be removed and he knew he felt better in a warm climate, so he settled in Miami and started a bar and was running the bar at age 100, which kind of suggest he drank plenty of whisky since 1945 for his aches and pains…..

Tobacco is a worm killer and a narcotic. Farmers would give their work horses some tobacco to de-worm them.
Naturally no one needs to be a genius to understand smoking tobacco is harmful to the lungs and smoking anything is bad.

Whiskey is grain flavored grain alcohol and various forms of liquor can use some fruits, even herbs.
Wine would be a mild version of alcohol and what the Olive Oil book noted that the old men drank wine every day as they stayed stoned on their cigars.

Not stoned like POT HEADS, but smoking is extremely addictive which is proof the human does get stoned and likes it and then needs it. "IF" you only put cigars in your mouth and not really INHALE, within a few weeks you will "WANT" that cigar. You will crave nicotine / tobacco when it is in haled as smoke.

The human body makes GRAIN ALCOHOL
Humans addicted to wheat are alcoholics according to long ago doctors.
Humans that need those daily biscuits, cakes and pies are making alcohol none stop and when they lack the grain, they lack the alcohol, so they must buy those donuts, breads, pies, cakes, and anything WHEAT because they have to have their alcohol. The old doctors believed bread eaters consume more alcohol that your local town drunks.

Is it no wonder wheat/bread has been such a HUGE part of human diet.

Whisky is normally "aged" and often about 80 proof and cheaper brands 40-80 proof with extreme brands reaching 150 proof. In other words, they are about 1/2 water and 1/2 grain created alcohol.

long ago---HERBAL TINCTURES were always made with using 80 proof clear vodka. So in fact, the dry vodka "sucked" up the minerals from the herbs and herbal doctors called this a herbal tincture. Today's manufactures use machines and acids and create tinctures on command……while long ago the older the tincture the better it was…….the same theory with whiskey---AGED is considered better and thus more $$$$.

DO you have to be a genius to understand why this fellow is 112………..??????

WHAT has he been doing since 1920 ??????????????

He has been de-worming-----------and fair chance he has been somewhat poor much of his life and been happy with his whiskey and his cigars and been a MELLOW FELLOW with few cares and few worries………good chance he has not cared about much of anything his entire adult life to the point it has bothered him…….after all, a little more booze, keep the cigars lit and you are not going to let some woman bother you or the cops bother you or give a dam about anything and just kick back and drink and smoke……………….

Had enough $$$ to buy his whisky and cigars………..and allowed the world to pass on buy with no cares------THAT IS MY GUESS

Has he grown up on "FATTY" foods? Fair chance he has, most likely not Olive Oil and more likely pig and cow fatty meats if I had to make a guess and probably small amounts, because smoking and drinking almost always leads to a thin body and not eating much.

Is what he has done a GOOD IDEA ?

Smoking as your method to kill your worms is very harmful to your lungs and your entire body.
Drinking whisky daily is a bad way to kill your worms.

Herbs such as tobacco is an extreme de-wormer, but sweet tree fruits and endless herbs are also great de-wormers and if you do not like herbal tinctures, you can easily consume herbs alcohol free as powders, teas and oil extracts.

99% chance this man has lived a modest and somewhat poor life $$$ wise and most humans realize $$$$ can not buy you happiness or love and this 112 year old is quick to mention GOD and belief in GOD enables inner happiness and peace.


That has been my belief for years and people like the oldest man in America is an example and proof that "IF" he had wiser choices and more $$$ to create a fantastic healthy house ----he probably could live 165+ years old, despite he survived world war 2 and who knows how many vaccinations.

It would be interesting to know his dental history and medical history, because odds are he could not afford these types of people and that probably has enabled him to still be walking today.

Often $$$ shortens most people's lives, but $$ used wisely could enable anyone to live a much healthier and enjoyable life.

People that do not understand the IMPORTANCE of DAILY DE-WORMING in my opinion, are never going to see age 112 or anything close…


For 20+ years I have suggested all humans need to be on herbs/foods known to eliminate parasites EVERY DAY of their LIFE and periodically do 30 day cleanses with the powerful herbs, such as wormwood and wormseed which can be as powders or in the most potent form of essential oils such as medical used 100+ years ago for all mammals.

I bet there is only 1 person in the entire North America Continent that understands Wormseed and Wormwood Oil and how to use it and where to obtain it…..and enough of it for a lifetime +…………………………….and pure steam distilled Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf used every day for life are the KING & Queen of the herbal world and the understanding of the Florida Orange and how to use the juice is the greatest Medical Discovery of the medical history to this very day……

100% of all medical doctors and their colleges "ALL' knew and understood how Florida Orange Juice could be used to cure all known human diseases before the year 1950 and that fact alone, proves how evil their colleges turned and to this day, they are clueless how to cure anything by "design". Longevity is the opposite of medical. The gov/colleges all believe there are too many humans, so they tax everyone so they can make doctors and drugs affordable or free to all----aka population control via death by poisons.

TODAY the gov wants all americans to have access and affordability to take medical drugs EVERY DAY and the drugs not be too expensive so the poor folks can not take their drugs every day……………….ARE PEOPLE THIS STUPID? A 10 year old could understand that the day you require a drug to stay alive---your a dead person walking.

The day you require a drug is the day something is very wrong and drugs can only make it worse over time.

YOU CAN NOT poison your blood and expect your blood to be "better".
Poisons harm your RED BLOOD CELLS.

Why does Orange Juice used correctly cure all disease according to medical books? Because they proved that in as little as 14 days, you could increase your RED BLOOD CELL count 5X and all of medical and their colleges and institutes by 1950 all agreed it was the cure.

Dr. Hulda Clark wrote me several times explaining how her Red Blood Cell count continued to drop while she consumed acids like vitamin c powder, hydrochloric acid, used her zappers and vitamins and month by month her red blood cells decreased until she died…………many including me tried to explain to her that her methods are acid producing and that we humans are ALKALINE….but she could not change.

Proper Foods which are all herbs of the tree and vine--ALL lead to ALKALINITY and that is what the smartest M.D. in world history discovered and proved long before I was born….and many doctors his age, born by the end of the civil war --understood human health well by the year 1900…..

MEDICAL PEOPLE are often the smartest people BOOK WISE------99% probably had no idea by age 13 that one day they would be educated in the use of drugs and operations and genetics as the path to LONGEVITY for their patients………..and dentist had no clue they were going to be trained to give children cancer…….NOT until they walk into the colleges and are brain washed by professors with an agenda---did they ever suspect they would go the opposite of human health as their profession. Never as a child could they expect that to make the $$$, they would have to join in DE-POPULATION methods and teach people it is wiser to allow us to kill your loved ones "now" before they suffer later.

Medical for a long time has believed it is best to die by injecting morphine into your blood 6 months before they 'think" you will die---so killing you now will save you months of suffering at the end………..mercy murder and today they all push for medical assisted suicide at any age for any reason and death by abortion their greatest achievement of all.

MEDICAL "if" they were honest people, would talk to people like this 112 year old man and then pitch all their toxic / poisonous methods and teach their patents to do things that allow all to live 112+……………but they are not honest and believe there are too many people on earth and all must die and age 40 the ideal length of anyone's longevity.


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