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Re: Do we exist or are we imagined? Did we request and cause our reality/God?
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Do we exist or are we imagined? Did we request and cause our reality/God?

Question: Did God create men or did men create God?

Answer: All current evidence points to the conclusion that Man created gods, all gods not just “your” god (your god meaning whoever is reading this who might be a theist of some sort).

I do not claim to KNOW that there are no gods floating around in this Universe or on some other plane of existence/dimension. It is possible that they exist and just do not interact with humanity. It is possible that there are lifeforms that were more advanced than the Bronze Age civilizations whom visited this planet and thus were seen as gods (to an ant we might be seen as gods).

However, the majority of the gods that have been worshipped by humans down through the ages are no longer in believed in. They have been relegated to the realm of Myths and Folklore. All the pantheons of the Greeks tribes , Romans tribes , Germanic tribes, Egyptian tribes, Celtic Tribes, Mesoamerican tribes, African Tribes, etc. have disappeared into the mists of history (or gone on extended vacations).

Each time a god stops being worshiped another god is created to take its place. As civilizations gained in knowledge and understanding, the need for many gods to fill various roles diminished and Monotheism was born.

YHWH derives from the Canaanite god EL. EL was the god of war and the head of the Canaanite pantheon. As tribes were fighting each other over land and resources needed for survival, a war god was needed and had to be more powerful than the opposing war god. EL was just this god. When the Israelite broke away from the Canaanites they took EL with them. YHWH is referred to as EL throughout the Torah and is seen in many Hebrew words (IsraEL, SamuEL, DaniEL), It is only when asked what his true name was that he YHWH tetragrammaton get expressed. I use YHWH only as an example not to pick on the Abrahamic god.

Over 4000 named gods and countless unnamed or prehistorically worshipped gods, and not one shred of real evidence to support any of them. Plenty of faith, and an extreme amount of confusing faith with facts, for each and everyone of them. Some have looked like animals, some like humans, some like a cross between animals and humans, but the majority have disappeared.

So again, at this point, all current evidence points to one conclusion: Men create gods.

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