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Ova Cyst Larvae Threadworm Demodex Helminth Flatworm Pods

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Published: 3 years ago

Ova Cyst Larvae Threadworm Demodex Helminth Flatworm Pods

Microscopic Photos of an Ova, Cyst, Egg plus Larvae, Adult, Threadworm, Demodex, Helminth, Flatworm, Hexapod, examples (my "guess"!)

Rapid spreading channeling under skin with excessive super sticky biofilm expelled (white under microscope). Damage to skin severe, long-lasting slow to heal, says red and Antibiotic ointments including Mupricum only makes it worse.

First time a large 1" raised area formed (looks a little like a large mole from distance) with what feels like hundreds of granules and oozing edges. Applying permethrin (40%) has helped kill or stop growth (onky been 5 days), and went from reddish to dark brown/blackish - horreendous looking.

Also applying Pyrantel pamoate Paste topically there (one night) and all over other damaged areas - dries and allows removal and decent job of reducing population manually. Taking Albendezole Valbazin -upping dosage from 3.5 ml to 5ml every 12 hrs. Seems to slow down growth and spread of parasites (6 diff areas of face infected for months - improving then sliding back).

Took 99.5% pure Praziquantel powder 2 teaspoons every 6-8 hrs for 1 week - helped a lot too. Will start again - horrible taste - sandwich dosage between layers of applesauce on large spoon to swallow bypassing tongue and followed by glass of water.

Fatigue factor high overall with or without meds - think it might be flat worm / helminth as I get LOTS of ribbon shaped parasites attached in and on edge of damaged skin (see photos) - sticky biofilm all gets crusty hard when not sticky - hard to remove from skin - tar / sulphur based dog wash removes (stings in open areas and makes whatever this is react and move - clearly does not like it which means I do!) - skin smoother and helps remove biofilm (comes back within a few hours though).

Ridiculously resistant to almost all throwing at it. Interested in trying Late Stage Lyme co-infection triple Antibiotics - Bactrim, Rifampin and cephalexin mix - studies on Morgellons (get those fibers and fiber cocoons too:/).

1" raised oval shape area now black (from meds?) and looks like its about to open up - concerned mass expelling of organisms - grew to this size in 4-5 days - bulbous area in middle in shiny and in oblong shape of larvae with appendages (see photos of specimin removed few weeks ago that might be related or yet another parasite infection)

Nothing looks exactly like anything I've seen posted anywhere else, but often has "similar" features - I have NOT excised 1" area at all - attempting to get biopsy but hard to get appt. Would like to prove this is "SOMETHING" and not a delusion, self inflected, acne, etc. We know how that goes :/

NOTE THIS ANSWERS QUESTION: Ova / cyst / egg photos - same exact specimen with microscopic photos taken with two types of lighting - are these the painfully embedded things many forum contributers describe as "glass shards"? I find them frequently - some whole/unopened, and some opened exposing a nesting-egg inside an outer-layer...this one was in great condition and shows a lot of detail (using back and side lighhting producing different image and detail):


removed from another infected area on face a few weeks ago (looks like half demodex (head) and half Hookworm or Threadworm - many times (5+ X) longer body with markings like hookworm.


Various Specimins removed from face May June 2018 - Flatworm, Demodex, Threadworm, PlayHelmynth, Pod of some sort, Morgellons ????? What ARE these?!:


Yet more samples - first frame shows what looks like adult parasite carrying ova (oval shadows lined up inside flat worm like specimin):


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