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Re: morgellons? please help!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: morgellons? please help!

To the Morgellons sufferers on the board,

Please be aware that there are trolls on these boards that are paid by the CIA to heckle any poster that refers to Morgellons as a product of aerosol spraying, i.e., chemtrails. You used to see tons of good information on same on boards devoted to the topic of Morgellons, but mostly everyone has moved on, or been heckled out of existence by posts such as the one above. Even if not a paid CIA troll, many people ridicule other posters because it is safer to not believe what is really going on than have to face the fact that our own government is using us bioterrorism experiments against our will.

There is a complete mainstream media blackout as to what is really going on, and weather anchors now have to sign non-disclosure agreements. Just for fun, go read a paper by NSA entitled 'Weather as a Force Multiplier, owning the weather by 2025', which in, and of itself, was disinformation as they have been spraying since the Vietnam war. From what I understand there are thousand of genetically engineered virus, fungi, bacteria, etc, being released for over 30 years, in tandem with nanoparticles. The engineered bacteria (etc) and nanoparticles work together; they form a living communications grid in our bodies: we can be turned on or off in a second with HAARP lasers, monitored from afar, etc. Track us with our Cell Phone ? Think again, WE are the Cell Phone . The theory is that they are doing it to everyone, it's the people with Morgellons that are trying to throw it off, it's a product of the attempt at rejection.

For some very good info on the dynamics of Morgellons and trans humanism, read any of Cliff Carnicom's work, Sofia Smallstorm, Jan Smith, and Skizit Gesture on Youtube.

Now, what has worked for me. First of all, no, no, no, not Antibiotics , as other people have said, Morgellons mutates and is intelligent.

It is quintessential to stay off ALL sugar. Sugar is a death sentence. I've been cheating and came down with a life threatening case of MRSA (think, Morgellons as staph).

Anything by Hildegaarde Staninger, the industrial toxicologist is good. I just broke down and paid for the MPS far infrared heating pad she extolls. It has been unbelievable in killing the micro-organisms.

I also am using the 'Gu' Pearl formulations by a world re-known herbalist named Werner Frauhauf. It's based on ancient Chinese formulations for parasites. Frauhauf has monographs on the web, they are worth trying to wade through and you can always look up the terms he mentions. You'll need a certified acupuncturist to order the herbs for you. Find out a formulary, the pills from Frauhauf are expensive and my acupuncturist orders them as powders, which I take a few spoons of every day for a fraction of the cost.

If you go an herbal route and it doesn't have to be Frauhauf's formulas, you HAVE TO SWITCH EVERY COUPLE OF DAYS to a new formula!!! parasites build up a resistance to whatever is trying to kill them.

Iodine saved my life too. I make it myself and take it with the co-factors. A group on Curezone called the Iodine Team has been very helpful here. It's the only thing that breaks up the biofilm for me that forms from eating. It also raised my core temperature from 97 to 98.2. I was Iodine deficient for years and didn't know it. Cliff Carnicom mentions it too.

Fumic acid has been extremely helpful. DMSO, diatemoceous earth, chlorella... I repeat, explore the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients mentioned in Carnicom's site.

I am going to try homeopathy soon, most specifically homeopathic petroleum.

Something I have mentioned on boards many times, which I don't see anyone else mention, is try to get a daily meditation or qi qong or yoga program going. All disease is first manifested on energetic levels.

The people who are doing this to us are incredibly evil. I pray every day for the power to forgive them.

And above all, don't let yourself be baited by people who challenge your info. Don't even bother to respond. They have been trained to wear you out and test your patience. As I already stated, even if not professional trolls, many people are in deep denial because what is happening is so scary. It's easier to deny and challenge than to keep an open mind with this horror.

Keep coming back to help people.

God bless.

Ps: I have had many rope worms come out of me during my detox.

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