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Vision during Astral Travel- What does this vision mean??

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Published: 3 years ago

Vision during Astral Travel- What does this vision mean??

I would like to know how other people interpret this vision while meditating. I was not intending to astral travel, it just happened.. This has only happened this one time. I have since tried to recreate the experience, but have not been successful. I don't understand why I experienced this or what it even means... If you had this vision (experience), how would you interpret it??

All thoughts appreciated!

I first see 5 or 6 African (?) men sitting in together outside on a dirt ground and I'm especially noticing this one man that is squatting on one knee and beating small drums or creating rhythm hitting it on the ground.

Then, I came out of my meditative state briefly then went back in following a spinning vortex and I was in a warehouse type building with metal walls.

I was trying to look around to see where I was but I was seeing people hanging from the ceiling (like hams) (yes, I know this sounds crazy lol). I felt like they were alive (maybe on Earth plane) but unconscious in the body at this place. Some had been there for a long time I could tell.

Then, I come out slightly and zone back into this place and I am laying down on an exam table (?) And I know my body has been there unconscious but now I have entered that body to consciousness.

(I was in my body over there and over here, I was fully aware of both realities at the same time, if that makes sense)

I'm laying there and I know my eyes are closed but I can still see through them. I see the figures of the unconscious people suspended either by cordage or rope near the tops of the walls. I did notice one young man that was able to move his forearm as though he was still conscious. I tried to move and I can't. I don't feel scared.

I feel in both bodies here and there someone grabbing ahold my hand. I am able to pull enough energy to to slightly move my fingers ( in both bodies) then I squeeze a little more. I could sense the awareness of the person holding my hand that they knew I was awake and there. There was some joy felt.

Then I see a shadow man no features walk from behind where I was laying and casually move about picking up items here and there. I was curious is to why I was laying there and why was a shadow person there and I wanted to know what he was up to. But I didn't sense his purpose.

I didn't know if he was good or bad but I had this feeling of peacefulness and I had a great desire to show love to him regardless of his intentions. He walked around the foot of my bed and came beside me and stood near the chest of my bed. I was able to get out the words (in both bodies) "We are one- God loves you- You are my brother." My lips could barely move in both bodies but I know he heard me. Then he reached over and placed his hand over my chest. Then I came out of my meditating state..

While I was experiencing this, my body felt like a pressure cooker of energy. I could feel the energy swarming through me from head to toe. My whole body felt like it was vibrating and I know my tongue was actually pulsating against the roof of my mouth.. I was hearing a humming sound like static energy or white noise.. My body felt weightless. Literally I felt like there was nothing underneath me. It felt like I was hovering over my body about an inch or two.

What does this mean!?
Thanks, M

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