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Documentary Film on Morgellons Disease 'Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons' Lyme Disease Skin Parasites
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Published: 3 years ago

Documentary Film on Morgellons Disease 'Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons' Lyme Disease Skin Parasites

A full length documentary movie 'Skin Deep - The Battle Over Morgellons' is trying to get major distribution. and references the Charles E. Holman Center for Morgellons Research at OSU (among other cutting edge Morgellons researchers) that have proven that Morgellons is an infectious disease, an accurate clinical diagnosis is possible, and effective medical treatment readily available today.

Here is link to the 'Skin Deep: Battle Over Morgellons' movie trailer and related info:

It is important to understand that clinical Physicians need to have the published studies made available in order to effectively diagnosis and treat Morgellons.

The Holiman Research Foundation studies are in-depth and comprehensive, conducted with painstaking attention to following the highest process standards in validation.

The results overwhelmingly indicate, among other things, that a delusional diagnosis is an incorrect one, and that 98% of patients in the relatively large study group, were in fact infected by Lyme and/or related tick-born diseases (supported by the exact same findings in three similar independent clinical studies conducted on three different continents, showing exactly the same evidence, and that all came to exactly the same conclusion, that this is a Lyme Disease related infection, and NOT delusional parasitosis).

Many other important and fascinating results are coming out of these studies that gives no room for any doubt that Morgellons is a real medical (non-psychosis) infectious disease caused/triggered by the same bacteria that causes Lyme, Cat Fever, and other Lyme related infections/co-infections.

Although the film clearly supports the Morgellons medical infectious disease conculsion, and not a delusional psychosis, it delves deeply into the other side of the debate, including infectious disease physicians who have adamantly dismissed Morgellons as a delusional state (the obvious conflict of not being a psychiatric doctor, and dismissing the recent stream of data that conflicts with their "opinions" seems obvious, but egos, professional stature, and in some cases, their published works are involved, so I suppose this should be expected).

My own experience indicates that within the medical community, treating Morgellons Disease as anything other than a delusional psychosis is tantamount to medical heresy (and that Lyme Literate doctors are "fringe quacks") in the minds of those physicians (not all of course) who are of rigid opinion that Morgellons is not a medical disease, and that patients who "think" they have Morgellons or parasites or funguses, are all "kooks" who need to be put on psychotic drugs!

If one adds up the number of known and reported cases (a small fraction of total sufferers, and an even smaller fraction of the total Lyme-infected population at-risk of Morgellons, per CDC warnings that only 10% of Lyme related cases are ever diagnosed or reported), one would have to buy into a conculsion that amounts to a massive level of delusional parasitosis "hysteria" is occurring, which, of course, goes against any level of common sense or reason.

For those physicians with published works supporting delusional parasitosis (frequently cited and outnumbering the current, more thorough research by at least a 20-1 ratio), these recent/current Morgellons studies will no doubt be in conflict with, and likely an affront to their "expert opinions" and clinical experience.

There are a lot of credentials at stake, and apparently THAT is more important to some physicians (not all, but certainly those outspoken and fighting against the research that conflicts with their published work) than finding out what is really causing the massive number of cases globally.

All part of the change process...already today, LLMDs are reporting more doctors today are contacting them seeking their advice on "what are these fibers and eruptions?", versus the calls they were getting just two years ago when doctors were angrily asking "why are you telling patients they have Lyme?!? - It makes it harder for me to get them the treatment they need!" (referring to prescribing psychotics and a mental health professional).

Saddening that such a condescending attitude is so prevelant among physicians, but the recent studies, and expanding interest shown by many physicians indicates an encouraging transformation of perceptions regarding Morgellons is underway within the medical community.

FYI, I have no "skin in the game" on any of this except my own personal skin and a commitment to right an injustice...

...Until more funding is raised for Morgellons research and the film, the wheels will keep turning, but there will be little traction for actual treatment application for patients by the general population of physicians.

Every clinical research study that gets published is available for the general population of clinical doctors to lean on...The importance of this is enourmous - getting patients effective physician-sanctioned clinical treatment will finally help resolve this medical infectious disease, and move Morgellons out of the shadow of an incorrectly and highly-stigmatized "delusional" diagnosis that leaves a rapidly increasing population of sufferers untreated and traumatized.

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