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Re: toxoplasmosis gondi ? Best drug for?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: toxoplasmosis gondi ? Best drug for?

The vet who cured Indira the Tiger of Toxoplasmosis fed her large doses of clindamycin.
He said it crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in high enough doses.
Whether it nailed merely tachyzoites (on the move in tissues) or also bradyzoites (hiding out, hibernating in cysts), unknown. Oocyst walls have a plastic-like aspect, I've read nothing to hint we have any idea yet on penetrating that wall.

Toxoplasma Gondii is riddled with some misconceptions and things that should be understood:
1. Usually no symptoms. No. *Physical* flu-like symptoms is what they're talking about. But mental, yes.
2. Can't hurt you unless sick or pregnant. 32-year old meme. False. In the head, it basically eats GABA. Targets the amygdala (our fear/emotion CPU) and sometimes eyes. Nickname "Road Rage Parasite" because it makes the victim impatient and sometimes hyperjudgemental and seeing life as a cage-match. In some, on the other hand, the lousy feeling to life that it produces drives them to achieve great things, trying to improve the world. Consider, Edison was a well-known jerk, as a fine example, he probably had toxo. Toxoplasma makes trolls, shooters, depression, domestic violence, criminals, suicide in severe cases. Is known-present in 1/3 of humanity (by extrapolating test results).
3. Blood test can detect it. Only sometimes. There's a new test, POC (point-of-care) just a finger prick, similar to IgM & IgG (looking for antibodies), or PCR looking for its actual genes. These can all be negative, appearing as if the individual is free of Tg however scientists suspect the antibodies fade over time just like its closest genetic cousin malaria.
4. There are multiple types (type I, type II etc), may have different effects. Not so well known.
5. GABA by itself available at grocery stores has little-to-none passage across the BBB. However in the form mixed with phenylalanine, it does. Almost no effect on some. Dramatic effect on me. Resolved seizures which are another known effect of GABA disruption from Toxoplasma, apparently by simply restoring GABA. This is a dilemma, if people find out, it would do a lot of good yet I suspect pharma would try to price it out of reach. However there might be no worry since most people are stubborn as mules unable to absorb new info.

Once in the brain always in the brain currently. A perfectly healthy-looking person may have been infected as a child, test negative and yet it can be making them insufferable to talk to, and/or crazy innovative. (Channel the problem into creative efforts).

I mentioned shooters, those are usually from stopping SSRI's which I suspect had tamped down toxoplasma forcing it into oocyst hideouts (latent), suddenly freed up, hungry, eating brain matter, pooping and driving the person nutz. I'm not aware of Parkland's Nicholas Cruz having been on SSRI's, but I would look into his childhood autism as possibly also due to toxo infection in the womb. Since blood tests can be negative, drill a tiny hole in his skull for a #40 needle, extract fluid and test that, it could be a sure-fire test. Such knowledge would save lives as even its victims would seek help before disaster. Not knowing plus having no hope is what makes them extra crazy & dangerous.

Am I a better person with #5 above? Ya sure ya betcha. I call it love powder. Yet clear-headed, not anything like a drunken state. More kind. GABA is the inhibitory neurotransmitter. Allows calm. Can listen better, for example.

I do have a question. Sulfadiazine is mentioned for treatment, and thank you for that list by the way.
What about ***Silver Sulfadiazine***, the burn ointment/cream? Could it do some good against toxoplasma gondii?

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