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Re: DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) a miracle treatment for my chronic constipation, why would that be?

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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) a miracle treatment for my chronic constipation, why would that be?

Male/30yrs old/white....I have had pretty much an identical experience with chronic constipation and DGL licorice. I started out using Senna, Magnesium, or Cascara Sagrada through my teen years. And, even at times using over the counter solutions like docusate sodium which comprises most store bought laxatives. I can recall memories as early as age 3 having constipation and just assuming everyone else felt that way too.

Around age 16 I tried licorice root for a completely different cause and discovered more daily energy and regular bowel movements were a result. It completely solved my chronic constipation. Eventually with research I realized that regular licorice was unhealthy to use long term and I eventually discovered DGL, a safe long term solution. I've been using DGL chewable tablets twice daily for about 10 years now. Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out why it works so well. But, I still have fatigue issues that need a solution so I'm constantly looking for more answers. Recently I discovered a BIG CLUE about my fatigue!

I began taking a supplement called "restore for gut health". Its advertised to help heal leaky gut but technically its just minerals diluted in water. Other products comprised of the same or similar ingredients can be found such as "Shilajit". All of these products come from layers of earth that have decomposed over millions of years making that layer of sediment rich in fulvic acid, humic acid, and dense with vitamins and minerals. Companies collect this raw material and extract harmful heavy metals like arsenic and chromium to make it safe to ingest internally.

The "Restore" supplement gave me unbelievable energy and great sleep habits. Almost right away (The next day) I was able to stop taking my usual 5-HTP supplement I had also been taking for Depression for the last 10 years. For the first time in my life I felt in control of my mind and by exstension my life. I felt calm, at ease, satisfied. Mental clarity was unreal. Depression was a thing of the past. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'd wake up literally smiling each morning. Have you ever seen the movie limitless? It was like that. For the first time I felt rested and recharged after sleep. It was at this moment I realised why people continue living their lives day after day....Because they dont feel like $h*t all the time. If I could just feel like this 75% of the time Id want to live forever.

All of this would indicate some sort of mineral deficiency or a bad case of leaky gut that was putting a lot of strain on my immune system.

My gut started working in ways that seemed more inline with other peoples experiences so it seemed like things were healing inside me and getting better. I had to stop the restore supplement after about 30 days due to an odd and apparently rare pain in my lower back right side. The pain started 1 year prior when doctors gave me allergy immunity shots for seasonal allergies. I developed a severe reaction in the form of lower back pain on my right side. I discontinued the allergy shots after only 2 sessions and the pain slowly dissipated over the following few months. The restore caused a milder but similar pain in the same area. So for now Im still having to use DGL for bowel movements. But, once I figure out why the Restore causes this dull pain in my lower back I beleive I will eventually have no need for the DGL. Dont worry though, out of the thousands of other people taking Restore, including my family and friends, Im the only one with the weird back pain. Right now Im thinking its a swollen lymph node and just in case, I have a colonoscopy scheduled to make sure there isnt something funky goin on in there. I also got an MRI of my abdominal area that didnt show any masses or organ dilation so we'll see how the colonoscopy goes.

1.) If you're reading this...You're not the only one in the world who relies on DGL for chronic constipation.

2.) "Restore for gut health" works pretty damn good for most people with gut issues. Its worth a try. Its about $30 on Amazon for a month supply. Its much cheaper in larger bottles and I was able to skip about 5 days between dosages before noticing a lack of effect so you could theoretically take much much less than the recommended dosage making this stuff dirt cheap...Pun intended.

3.) Although I only took the Restore supplement for 30 days (Dec 2017) and then discontinued its use, It COMPLETELY got rid of my seasonal allergies in 2018. I could smell all the trees and flowers as they dumped their yellow pollen powder into the air blowing full force around town. Yet my nasal passages were wide open and loving it. This supplement is the greatest.

4.) If anyone has any ideas about a possible connection between the following, Id be very appreciative to hear your thoughts...

A.) Allergy immunity shots

B.) Mineral supplement used to heal gut lining by tightening the gaps between cells known as "tight junctions".

C.) Dull aching pain in lower back right side about level with the iliac crest (top of hip bone). Pain is barely noticable when sitting or standing but becomes more pronounced when laying horizontal. The pain grows worse as I lay horizontal eventually waking me from sleep requiring me to arise and either sit or stand afterwhich the pain dissipates but swelling can still be felt deep under the muscle tissue. Things that diminish this pain include anti inflammatorys such as Quercetin and apple cider vinegar. Eventually the condition worsens and the anti inflammatorys no longer work. Stopping the use of "Restore" causes the night time pain to disappear within 48hrs.

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