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Bad body odor being linked to liver and kidneys?
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Published: 14 months ago

Bad body odor being linked to liver and kidneys?

For 6-7 years I've had a Body Odor that would range in smells. I've had statements of it smelling like feces, rotten eggs, baby diapers, etc. I can smell it also but not as strong as others can smell it. It all started with me sitting in class one day and out of nowhere I couldn't control my gas. It was all coming out uncontrollably and I wasn't passing it purposefully. I remember thinking is my anus closed all the way. I've thought about having something called rectal prolapse, but I really don't know. I've been to the doctor and had colonoscopy's done and I'm pretty sure they would've found the issue if there was one but they didn't. Back when I first got the odor it was really bad radiating far from me and being incredibly strong. Now there's times when I hardly have it then it'll come and go. Over the years leading up to now I've token plenty of supplements and cleanses so I guessed it helped me a little but not to the point of actually curing it. I do notice it after eating and specific times of the day. Almost every time I eat it comes directly after. Also it's not really strong in the morning as it is in the evening and at night. If I go without eating and having nothing on my stomach then I will hardly smell it. To me it smell yeasty and fecal. My lifestyle before all this happened was junk food, not making regular bowel movements and lots of Antibiotics . Also when I make bowel movement I can smell the scent of the movement I just made even after thoroughly wiping and bathing. I don't know if its bacteria that comes out along with my movement that still linger around or again if its rectal prolapse. Nothing hangs out my anus. But I don't know if its bacteria. Whenever I eat bad bacteria devour my food and puts off toxins or somehow get mixed in with my bowels and come out with it resulting in me still smelling like my bowels that I passed. I don't know if its related to not having enough stomach acid to kill this bad bacteria breeding inside me or what. But currently I'm taking a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, and complete body cleanse. I also get cystic Acne along chin and jawline and I know that's associated with hormones. I have very dry, dull skin that breaks out. When my period comes on I know the smell used to get stronger and then once it turns off it'll go back to normal like 100 to 50. Sometimes it can not be here at all and then out of nowhere it flare up really strong like I passed tons of gas then disappear. I have changed my habits and use the bathroom more than I used to but not 2 times a day like I want. Usually when I have a bowel movement it usually have a sweet smell to it somehow, I find it weird. I know when I eat foods like sushi especially, I have bad stomach pain then terrible fecal smell then it subside after a day. I don't know what the process food takes after it is swallowed but I feel like it has something to do with bacteria and hcl. This has been plaguing my life for years and although its gotten better significantly from my past its still present and it prevents from hanging out like I want and enjoying myself. I think my liver and kidney may be overburdened and not filtering like its suppose to and toxins aren't getting expelled and is in my lymph and blood circulating through my body giving me a aura of stinkiness lol. Along with bad bacteria in my colon from fermented food not being digested and sitting, those toxins leaked into my bloodstream and lymph and my kidneys and liver isn't filtering all of it out. I do remember going to the doctor and her saying I have high count of bacteria in my small intestines indicating SIBO. But she didn't directly say I had SIBO.

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