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Re: Very foul-smelling stool, parasitic/bacterial issue?

Tapeworms, Round worms, Flukes?
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Very foul-smelling stool, parasitic/bacterial issue?

Diagnosing GI issues can be difficult.
Dark Black or Green stool is something that should be explored.
Doctors typically check stool for occult blood.
TAR or toxin dump can also cause stool to be very dark.

I suggest trying a single dose of Pyrantel PinX or such, to determine if you have nematodes. single dose per label on the box.
Mebendazole is a great GI clearing agent for the intestine, very broad spectrum, not much use systemically. 100mg cap for a week.
I always favor data, like a hair analysis. Essential minerals and metals are used by the immune system.

Essential metals and minerals test:

Balance in the body is essential, equal ionic, metallic, mineral balances.
Ph. tape under the tongue should be greater than 6 to 6.5, to determine enzyme functioning.
When the body goes acidic, the systems stop communicating.
Ultimately if Ph falls, body stops enzyme signaling, metals and minerals fall, one gets very unhealthy.

parasites can create exotic nitrate compounds, that smell like photographic fixer fluid.
Ammonia smell, Carbon dioxide smell also occurs with extreme hyper infections.
Herx kills, Sulfur gas, Bacteria infection smells, Candida stupor, all need careful observation and identification.

The sad part of most infections, is the body feels very little. The clues are minimal.
Another problem, is many problems like bacteria, amoeba, protozoans, viral infections can cause similar situations.
parasites generate morphine, you don't feel them unless they are challenged with meds.

Stool analysis tests for protozoans, and other pathogens are very expensive. Mostly biofidum bacteria is low and should be supplemented. I simply use yogurt for the rest of my life, ensuring lipid probiotic bacteria is supplemented daily.

Universal Approach:

MSM Capsule 1000mg
Beta Glucan
Vitamin D3 5000 - 10,000 IU per day, People with all kinds of parasitic infections benefit from daily D3.
Potassium Citrate 99mg
Magnesium Citrate capsule 133mg
#4 capsule Epsom Salt 140mg ~one or two per day
Glass of Orange Juice per day, or fresh juice
Nature's Way Selenium 200 mcg
Garlic crush and eat in 10 minutes, salad dressing or under tongue at noon for 10 minutes to absorb sulfur components.
Black seed oil Cumin 1000mg twice per day, Clears out a lot of toxic GI junk.
OXBile or Bile Salt supplements
Yogurt, I do Greek Yogurt twice per day
Oils, Vitamin E, Seed oils, Papaya seed
Source of Life NTP035
Daily Vits Now Foods 3771
Apples and Carrots
Soda Crackers
Gingerale or Ginger root.

parasites generate nitrogen.
Humans life processes are Sulfur based.
The Immune system is DNA wired to extract its needs as a priority, you can get into a hole without sufficient supplements.
Bile salt is another hole you get with a few weeks of loose stool, when you loose bile salt digestion degrades.
Poor digestion or slow digestion is dealt with using daily veggies or salad at noon.

I used challenge tests and formulas for bacteria, yeasts, parasites.
Simple challenge test for yeast is caprylic acid, or castor oil caps.
Peppermint oil caps, Castor oil caps can be useful. Several per day.
Tinidazole is a very common protozoan med. There are many others.
I picked up a corn fungus from another person, traveling in car. Smelled like corn.
Candida can generate alcohol, your balance can become effected.
Beta Glucan, Turkey Tail, Chitosan, I had kills and HERX from these natural meds, and others.

It is usually hit or miss, taking a challenge substance to identify pathogens or parasites.
It is always better to get healthy or use a health routine, before you dive into figuring out what infection or parasite you may have picked up.

The beginning challenges for parasites are praziquantel for flat worm playhelminth flukes and tapeworms, DEC Dimmitrol for White worms, Invermectin or Fenbendazole for Common small red worms. The actual formulas to cure are more complicated, but detecting issues is a simpler dose routine for several days or weeks.

People who have systemic infections usually have a really bad reaction to meds, it is not the meds but the parasites that cause the reaction.

No reaction means you do not have a severe infection, on to the next challenge test.

Pyrantel PinX is very wide coverage challenge for GI nematodes.

Antiparasitics have no side effects when dosed properly, so If you get a reaction, you need to identify what you have picked up.

If you supplement, and keep loosing ground, you will have to dig deeper into the situation.

Don't expect most doctors to take the time to diagnose or treat the problem. You are responsible for your health, take charge!


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