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Re: ANTI-PARASITIC VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS: Zinc, Garlic, Sulfur/MSM, Vitamin C, CQ-10, & Alpha Lipoic Acid
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Published: 12 months ago
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Re: ANTI-PARASITIC VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS: Zinc, Garlic, Sulfur/MSM, Vitamin C, CQ-10, & Alpha Lipoic Acid


Re-edit: Going by the questions in the messages here, maybe it is time for a round two on your protocols?

I'm also not accepting we can't do something to dissolve and destroy cysts. If we all got together, we might find a safe protocol to do so, or at least prompt them to come out if the cyst to be destroyed by waiting ingredients of these protocols. I am aware now, of how often I have dramatically improved, from inadvertently taking anti-parasitic nutrients, without realising there was a problem. They are finding parasites in all sorts of physical conditions, and even extensively in brains of schizophrenics, in the region they have trouble with. So many people must be suffering under the radar.

The next step after that, us to convince the government this is very true and detrimental to the economic and legal law enforcement parts of our society. That we need a campaign to neutralize the genetics of all parasites, so they no longer are attracted to certain biologically differing sub groups of, or any, people, and/or can no longer survive on or in us. So co-morbid hosts can no longer want us, like the reported bird lice subspecies involved in mystery bug/Lyme's/morgellons, infections. In a number of normally non-parasitical insect species, there are at least one subspecies who is parasitical on humans, which can be eliminated. The micro wasp I have here which normally parasites wood borers, instead likes myself, probably due to the mystery bug/bacteria/microworms people have discovered. The government should have an on goinb program to identify and eliminate all parasites of humans. Not programs to harm the economy, by denying reality. Certain countries can't compete with others because they fill themselves with junk, while the other country cures their problems by Chinese medicine. Since starting the Ivermectin protocol, I'm getting back to my old self, less the brain damage from a mystery illness. Imagine of everybody was on top of themselves?


From before:

Looks like it's back to eating garlic. But that didn't work, nether did the low sulphur kerosene parasite treatment (I learn to late, the trick is to avoid it giving you the runs, so you retain it in contact with them) or pure gum turpentine. Both which can collapse your lungs and choke you to death. MSM, I'm doing maybe a 20 gram spoon a days worth for a while, still not doing it. I've got a infestation related to Lyme's/morgellons.

So, would garlic or msm cause them to spread in the body, like people are worried? I'm trying to have a go at the Albendazole and Ivermectin protocol, but most items are script only here, and heavily regulated some of them. So, I have to find an alternative to Albendazole and the anti-hystamine?

People mention alternatives. It would be useful if people on the site got together to msney condition threads which listed all the good alternatives?

Many thanks for your efforts ICU.



People here are worried about them spreading to sinuses, when they have no trouble crawling out and up there anyway. Genuine dissemination through the body, and into the brain, is more a concern.

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