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Life Changing
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Published: 44 days ago
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Life Changing

I am always on the look out for an amish family as an "EXPERIMENT"

This year I tried with 2 families---the first one owns 50 female dogs and floods the cities with endless puppies---the truest puppy mill you ever seen---the state charges them a $50,000.00 fee and as long as you do that, you can have the largest puppy mill in the country----otherwise many hundreds, if not thousands of modern amish today have 5 female dogs and make more $$$ from those 5 dogs than any other business they can create------the single people living in cities evidently fulfill their lack of family by way of buying dogs. The kids and wife really loved the herbs--but the wealthy husband would not spend $$ on the family and only had interest in herbs for his dogs and horses.

The second family is younger, old order, much poorer and has so many kids --it even drives them crazy..........their kids are barefoot little monkeys climbing onto everything and getting into everything and because all are well under 10 years old---they have no older sisters or brother's to help take care of the critters---so the kids, some are twins and a new born a couple days ago----are all driving the father/mother about crazy as they have to constantly chase after them in all directions---actually hilarious to see the little kids out number the parents and surely mom will be pregnant again next month and next year and next year and next year and next year until she is worn out and replaced eventually with a new teenage wife.

This family being old order, puts much more value on herbs and when I made up a kit just for them------it changed their lives. Each time they want another kit, I give them a free sample of the next formula that will take them to the next level. Out of the first kit, the MAX RESTORE and LBB changed their lives fast.........the mother said she had to have that LBB and the father said he had to have the Max Restore every day and the kids loved the Spray 1................when I do this, I make up completely all new names---for example: Maximum Restore I called I AM SICK and they love that name. I made it 50% normal and 50% adult strength.

The Mother needs allot of help, so last nights free sample was a pound of Calcium Balance Powder---that formula will change her life.

WHY give them free samples and get them started? VERY SIMPLE, they, along with most every amish family in their area---all have home stores. ALL THE AMISH buy from each other. THEY SALE EVERYTHING, so they never need to go to the city.............this particular family sales shoes and boots. EVERY PERSON in their group, buys all their shoes and boots from them and they intern buy from their stores-------THEY ARE A SELF CONTAINED COMMUNITY and do not play the gov / commercial store games.

THESE AMISH all sent their $1,200 stimulus checks back to the gov---SAID -- NO THANKS, don't need your trickery $$$$

SO, that man, will tell all his buddies that "I AM SICK" herbal formula changed his life---his wife will tell all her friends that this and that made her baby healthier and her life easier...

THAT IS THE ONLY WAY it happens-----you could never otherwise get your foot in the door, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT NEED YOU, because strangers are not trusted.....especially with the family health.

THEN, if that happens, then a grandma will tell a grandma in other area or another state, that this or that product changed their life and before you know it, they send a case of this or that to that area to help them out.

AMISH STORES are the AMERICAN WAY-------the real way and something WALMART has not destroyed yet---but via health departments and taxation---the gov tries to destroy them. THIS IS WHY they barely speak english. They are GERMAN and keep it not welcome.

This is how you understand how certain herbs change lives---we use to know on this forum long ago back when people would share their stories---today the internet is so perverted, that no one should ever use their name or pictures, etc.....truly facebook is the scam of the century and so many people eagerly want to be the victims.


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