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Re: Bones, teeth

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Free TEEF Powder Internationally!
Teeth Powder to Remineralize, Strengthen, and Clean ...

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Published: 8 months ago
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Re: Bones, teeth

Do you have herbs for teeth and overall bone health?

Bone health starts in the womb ------

chemical warfare is about destroying your bones and teeth---so you are sickly or dead by age 40

LUCKILY you can counter the "bad", but herbs will never be more than 1/6th the solution.

For example: you can not drink bad water and expect to have good bones or teeth; in fact, if you drink bad water, you can't expect to succeed with longevity at all.

Because all the bad stuff that hurts your kidneys, will destroy your bones and teeth over time.

Bad has the goal of getting you to a dentist by age 6. The really bad want / need you well vaccinated by 6 months old and if mom does not keep the diet clean and correct, your bones will be poor before you were even born and the predators will be after you the rest of your life.

You can be born in the mountains, far far away from the civilized, never see a white coat ever and "water" will most likely be your greatest enemy that will clog your kidneys, harm your bones and teeth.

Lymes became a problem approx 300 years ago world wide---you can easily suggest it to be the last great plague that destroys the mammals......LYMES eats your bones and teeth like a termite eats old wood-----both creatures doing what GOD created them to do.

Lymes got greedy, not only do they eat your teeth and bones, they eat your flesh, your brain and your nerves.........they are so tiny, it takes a highly sophisticated devicd that can possible see a lymes worm---literally thousands can live in each tooth.

That said------on the subject of bones and teeth---YES, herbs can be like a "Miracle", but bad diet can counter herbs, because you can not eat pounds of bad food and take a few capsules and expect miracles to happen.

Organic should be Tree/bush/vine minerals and perennial herbs------------not vegetables ever. Vegetables is true worm food-----99.9% of the humans will prob never agree that is true---but if you understand water, you then understand vegetables.

Powdered herbs are GREAT and in capsules makes it easy---but when taken daily for life, capsules becomes the most expensive method. Bulk Powder is the cheapest and many years ago every bulk powdered herbal blend I make, I always blend in true steam distilled wild oregano oil----which I believe makes every herbal blend much better and last much longer----and when kept properly in a jar, bulk powders with oregano oil should last a very very very long time.

Liquids allows for "more" variety and some herbs can only be made as liquids. Blending liquids and powders into a thick paste, is what I believe to be the ultimate method of consuming large variety herbs. So a person has to make choices when it comes to herbs:

1. tea (cheapest method possible)

2. Powders

3. Capsules (very easy to fill your own capsules with bulk powder)

4. tinctures

5. Syrup/ tinctures

6. Concentrates

7. Air Born herbs---herbs you breathe in

8. external herbs applied to the skin

ALL 8 have great value...........

As far as teeth and bones, all newlyweds should study and make a plan long before thinking about a baby. SO that said, any human asking about tooth and bone herbs----that gigantic subject has to be narrowed down to age groups and current health.

YOU SEE, if you take care of your bones and teeth----you can ignore the cancer/disease subjects......because if you have healthy bones and teeth, you will have healthy kidneys and with healthy kidneys, you are going to be one amazingly healthy person.

IN FACT, the healthier you become, is proof your bone health is improving. LESS lymes eating you alive.

My hobby is herbs, just for the fact when I watched the dr. christopher videos 30+ years ago, I heard the herbs for heqalth for the first time in my adult life and I believed that old man was telling the truth as he knew it----so I walked outside, picked some herbs and started self-experimenting.........I happened to pick the strongest herb and made it extremely strong and had no clue what I was doing and I painted those herbs on my legs--------little did I know, I would be using that herb for the rest of my life. Dr. Christopher learned how to use over 2,000 herbs, but soon learned there is ZERO NEED to use toxic herbs---doctors do that stupidity and Dr. Christopher concentrated on 100 herb list and if you took his master herbalist course, basically you have to learn those 100 herbs. Out of those 100 herbs, his greatest formulas used less than 50 different herbs and the majority of the 100 list of herbs, i can walk within 200 yards of my house and find them growing wild. I was quite stupid years ago and tried to bring those herbs to my house---some herbs will adapt to that, but in reality, each herb grows where it needs to grow, the correct light, correct soil and I learned it was best to just leave them alone. Long before my time, the mother of the house wrote the names of the herbs on the closet door in the child's bedroom. That way all people that would eventually live in that house someday, would know those herbs were within walking distance-----the last time I seen one of those bedroom doors I was less than 10 years me that would be a museum piece if they existed today...back then, every mom used the plants growing around the house.

Dr. Christopher called this LIVING UNDER YOUR OWN FIG TREE, in that what you need---is near you. So when Dr. Christopher's formulas were large---he said, use what you have, you do not have to make my giant formulas.

That said, I took his formula and made them x larger yet.....the larger they are, they follow the 1957 co-q10 fact, If I blended all 63 formulas dr. christopher made famous, they would be better yet.

IF you return to NATURE as far back as can be imagined---the trees and all the herbs and we humans do the best on ocean minerals......when new land appears up and out of the oceans---that is when humans are living 1,000+ years old and as rain washes the ocean minerals back to sea----the plants and trees suffer, as do all life...all life depends upon the sun and ocean...with out ocean, we would have no oxygen.... "IF" you go back further yet, to the beginning of human life-----there are stories of the lamb sleeping in peace with the lions----a TIME when mammals did not need to eat....a time when the sun's radiation is perfect and all food comes from the sun.

That perfect food still comes from the sun and there are still a few people that never eat or drink..............and as little as 90 years ago, there were humans where the males still looked age 22 at age 250 and those people are still being studied today........our largest problem is chemical and germ warfare---those in charge decided in 1965 that we needed to be dead by age 65 and by 1992 they decided by age 40 and the wealthiest badly want to kill off at least 30% of the earth's entire population and the most evil of them all, wants their race to live and all other humans dead...and those people are in power for the past 125 years.....they want your teeth and bones to decay quickly.

SO your first step is what you drink, then what you eat and that will all determine how much herbs you need in your life to try to reverse the damage done.

Our damage started in the womb----bad education along with bad habits and diets determines our condition by the time we are ready to be born and mom's education level determines how easily the parents are tricked into making life very hard for us as children and children trust the parents and are lucky if they learn anything about their health before age 30..........civilized life means the day you want to stop dying and start living, odds are you will have to start removing the brain washing you received your entire lifetime----little children easily understand health, while mom and dad struggle, thanks to 13+ years of school teachers. UNDOING the brain washing is a very large part of a person's longevity success, BECAUSE the human brain makes or breaks us.....that lifetime of brain washing leads to premature death.






Dr. Christopher made BF&C famous. He sold it as powder, tea and capsules. It is a word that stands for CALCIUM HERBS.

"IF" we have proper organic based calcium minerals in our diet, we will not absorb bad things like lead..........

Example: those men that never die? They recently was lead tested by the same lab that I was lead tested 30+ years ago and they tested "O" lead. I tested 112x more lead than an average male in 50 countries. I never drink city water that is loaded with lead, but my diet sucked, because I grew up on a family garden back in the days before GMO anything, before fertilizer and that so called organic vegetable life with none gmo cows on the farm----will literally eat the teeth right out of your mouth.

I KNOW ALLOT about teeth, because I have no teeth. I studied TEETH HEALTH ALLOT.......I can tell you about teeth more than most dentist have a clue....because I read the old original dental books before I ever pulled my teeth. The Dr. Hulda Clark books explain the dental nightmare and it is even worse than she wrote about...I put the average dentist maybe 1 step above an abortion white coat.

BF&C is a miracle herbal blend from 75 years ago-----------------keep in mind, Dr. Christopher passed on many years ago and every person selling his name commercially since then, basically destroyed the name. Dr. Joh had morals, standards and quality---all that own that brand name since, are just commercial garbage----his last company was built beside nature's sunshine and odds are nature's sunshine has always owned the company after his death and was always part of the family name--and they all fought for the $$ after his death......long story short, that company was torn down at least 10+ years ago. A company in that same state today, makes 600+ different commercial brands----and that is why we started making our own herbs 20+ years ago, because there was nothing left out there that we could trust.....they all make as cheap as possible. The same in the factory I worked for 30 years, we made over 100 different brand names of bearings world wide----1 building, producing over 100 brand never know where something is made, unless you just say china/japan, because they either own it or make it.

BF&C will work as directed by Dr. Christopher, but they never ever published the correct dosage, because their state was constantly trying to put them in jail---so they had to keep changing the labels, changing the names and keep the suggested dosage "neutral" ---back 70 years ago, states did all they could to put the good doctors out of business and burn their books out of the libraries and it has gotten worse every year since.

Correct dosage: what is needed to stay pain free, when dealing with broken bones. This is normally 50 capsules daily or up to 100 capsules daily for splintered major break.

TEETH? at least 12 daily, 24 for treatment. Also drinking BF&C and can bathe in the tea also.

IF you ever read Dr. Christopher, he always states that "IF" you follow correct diet, the herbs will work as he wrote...............that is real, but because Dr. Christopher did grow up under his own fig tree and ate vegetables and grains, he failed at LONGEVITY.....this is why we today can learn from ALL AUTHORS and pick and choose what we believe.

I have seen BF&C as a spray, what I call Tooth and Gum Herbal Spray-----literally help children grow new tooth enamel over tooth decay. I HAVE NEVER HEARD from adults that experienced that---odds are the tooth needs to be growing for that to happen.

Tooth and Gum Powder direct on the teeth while people sleep is what Dr. Christopher suggested and that also is great method.

As good as the original BF&C is, I took it so far advanced, Im literally created a huge variety of formulas based on that 1 BF&C Theory......what I call BONE BUILDER would be the most advanced / largest BF&C formula is what the kids used for football and weight lifting and by age 14 they were either the strongest kid in football and could out lift the coaches---or close and by age 18 no question. Their TEETH? The dentist wanted to take a picture for his book to show what kids teeth and jaws should look like---NO CAVITIES

THE REALLY BAD people out there today are making health websites condemning all fruit juice---saying the sugar in fruit juice is the same as CORN SYRUP.........this is why the internet is nothing but FAKE DESTRUCTIVE NEWS.....created by online flunky school/college teachers.....spreading lies so people will be sickly.

CORN SYRUP will destroy the kids, destroy the bones and teeth----------the best documentary was years ago disguised as a pop documentary. Pop companies save 1/2 penny by using corn syrup verses cane sugar in pop............BUT that documentary was really how corn syrup is made.Humans consume an average of 40# of corn syrup yearly, as a result, they are no longer true humans...corn syrup is a result of making plastics out in California----the clear super sweet result is a waste product that has zero herbs in is liquid death.

Same as citric acid and absorbic acid used in breads and all types of products and commercial foods today----is DEATH FOODS.

"IF" you put any product/food in your mouth that has citric acid / absorbic acid in it ---YOU SHOULD have a nose bleed out the right side of your expel those 2 deadly chemicals out of your body.

ACIDS are how they preserve today's trash foods sold in most food stores today------------turning them into DEATH FOODS that eat your bones and teeth.

The blood stream KNOWS ALL and is ALL must, otherwise commercial foods will kill you.

A NOSE BLEED may be a sign of a problem, or a sign of health.......

THE BF&C Family of herbs, can be tweaked to achieve many things===what I call STOP BLEED is a miracle herbal formula that can save a life when bleeding badly....that dosage is 8 to start 2 capsules every 5 minutes with a glass of clean water. YOU NEVER will find correct dosages for herbs----only experience tells you.

HERBS are foods, or should be.

Age / Height
Male or Female (How many kids)
City water / country water well?
Where you work?
Where you live?
Smoke? Drink?

health history, such as dental, vaccines, drugs, etc. what the white coats did to you as a kid growing up to date

THAT basically explains all the basics of any human.

My dentist 25 years ago would send a new patient a giant paper listing every disease and medical drug known and have you check off what pertains to you......with that list, he knew your basic health before he ever seen you and once you opened your mouth, he could prove what that paper already told him.

THAT ALL SAID---a good chiropractor is a must, as least 1/6th of any solution.......bad news is that the chiropractor colleges have all been corrupted and what is left of the good chiropractors will be males at least 50 years old.

Your teeth? General rule is to keep what is keepable.
You stated no age, no conditions----so impossible to suggest what herbs required.


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