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Re: Distilled water carries negative charge

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Published: 10 months ago
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Re: Distilled water carries negative charge

When I worked in a chemical / metal plating factory for 30 years----I was amazed how toxic water --city water, truly is. City water is so toxic---we could not even use it in the factory with out treating it first------------city water is / was never designed for human consumption and not suitable in manufacturing processes.

When I seen an x-ray of my ribs and spine and heard the doctor and then a chiropractor tell me that this is just "normal".......that is when I started learning and then believing about water and I proved that it can be reversed.

IT is so easy to understand why people SHRINK - OVER and become crippled as they age-------------it is what they drank and ate that ate up their bones. WATER being the easiest to understand.

WATER like air----can be manipulated by chemical companies into endless products.........EVEN SCIENTIST many many years long ago, before I was born---learned how to take air and make wood from air. ONE may suggest, that our air, possesses so many qualities that "all" is within air..........THEY BELIEVE a cubic foot of air has so much energy within that THE DAY we humans can manipulate air correctly---we all will have FREE or ZERO ENERGY and quite possibly, the only reason we do not have endless free energy is because the wealthy people live in fear--BECAUSE the slaves will no longer be their slaves.

ENERGY or the lack of, is how the truest evilest people on the planet---control the poor people living on islands and secluded countries that are all slaves. These countries are ALL easily identified----the working class people buy gasoline in small glass bottles...THESE people are OWNED by wealthy countries and are forced to grow the food that feeds the world.

Within water / air is ENDLESS free-zero energy and many today, speculate the aliens are about to expose ZERO ENERGY to earth....the clinton laptop was loaded with democrats trying to cut deals for the TECH, so the democrats could control the FREE ENERGY and keep the people of earth their slaves.

WATER can be manipulated almost endlessly due to the fact it has thousands of chemical combinations that can all react to you sort and concentrate what you desire---that water can become "deadly" chemicals---the same with common air.

EARTH is no chance or mistake--------EARTH is one of the greatest designed of GOD in the universe........who/what is GOD? Well, that is a question all humans wish they knew.............there may be endless aliens flying through the universes----but ONLY GOD can make the universes........and then, who/what was before GOD? and before that and before that.........the human mind can not comprehend such questions.....

GOD that created this earth---made perfect laws for all living creation to OBEY.............understanding human health takes a person into the world of CREATION LAWS. Humans that refuse to accept that GOD created earth and all life-----will never ever accept GOD's LAWS.

You can say we live in amazing times-----but thanks to evil humans, we live in evil eat dog type cities where people are predators against all else around them............

THE LAW of WATER is as simple as rain-------pre pollution our rain was so pure and steam distillation is the only way us poor humans can simulate clean rain water.

ARE we designed to "drink" water? Surely we can, but I for one, believe we are created to breathe in water through our skin and mouth.....

I am of the belief--it could be possible---to consume all our proper food through our skin and in our air---as we sleep. I really do not understand why that could not be possible. It is only logical that we are created to thrive on that type of correct food.....

We humans have adapted to an enormous amount of 24/7 poisoning from creation in the womb till the day we is amazing anyone is alive and if your dope/drug /operation free---why should you not live 3x longer than the average sheep does? There are REASONS for 'all" and the influence over our brain is why we die more than all else-----false education leads to our death. Our eyes and ears are the false profits that lead us to death-------this is why---you set back and "watch" the sheep and do not get on their path---be a witness and learn what is killing them and learn to take your own path---the PATH set forth when this earth was moulded and the first human formed and the food God supplied for man/woman/child/baby.

Water is essential education and sadly your not going to get education you can trust from any college when it comes to human longevity.

the curezone has turned into such a garbage bin of worthless adds..


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