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Herbally Speaking

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Published: 39 days ago

Herbally Speaking

Dr. Shook, Christopher, Sitting Bull, etc. etc. lived a life with "HERBS". Dr. Christopher more or less "documented" american herbal use......and there were plenty of others, but Dr. Christopher lived the life of an herbal doctor--the only herbal doctor in world war 1.

MANY of the herbs they used in the 1800's---are obsolete----YOU CAN NOT SALE, what people will NOT commercially, the herbs "fade" out of use over time as modern day stores "replace" herbal use in America.

That said---herbs are just foods that supply usable minerals for the blood stream and the blood does all the real work...and that is what humans need......NOT toxic drugs/vitamins that accumulate as toxic stuff with side affects, etc.,.... so herbs are SLOW to fade out of history--the poorest still have use for herbs---but if you buy herbs, that leaves the poor out of the picture-------out side of every city is natural wild herbs or what country people call weeds and woods..

THE ONLY WAY the history of these old herbalist can still exist bottle wise---is on a "hobby" scale......... I had to learn 100 herbs, so I always liked the idea of growing or finding the 100 herb list. My teacher had to learn 2,000 herbs, but he said everything can be done with 200 or less and he really used less than 100 as his success story... He believed in non toxic, safe for all plants and yes, many harden weeds are herbs as are herbs EVERYWHERE you see growing plants and trees.....the earth is covered with usable plants---of which wild grass may be the most universal---the greatest health story HOTEMA wrote of was an old an in a wheel chair with no hair, no teeth and he wanted dropped off at his favorite cabin and left outside for the bears to eat-------laying on the ground, unable to walk and nothing wanted to eat a rotting old human---so all he could do was gum grass and swallow it------you know the story, he survived, grew hair, walked again, etc., etc....

While grass proved 1 point--when you stop eating poisons and it is not your time to die--even grass can aid your blood stream........

As a hobby, such a selection of herbs can be available, but never ever commercially.......the bottles would grow old, because with no education, no real interest and no desire to spend $$$ on such things----such herbs are more suitable for a museum. OR, small groups of people with herbal interest, gather and taste sample such things---because even they would never want to buy 100-500+ bottles to play with.

I believe in the 1957 co-q10 theory as the greatest theory on how the human blood stream makes use of our foods---so that makes be avoid the medicine alternative use of herbs--ALL the herbal doctors and tons of books all made their living promoting herbs as MEDICINES and surely many are, but a good herb is always good and is a food and that is what Dr. Christopher's foundational list of herbs was about---but he made his $$$ selling herbs as is hard not to, otherwise you go broke fast.....

I prefer lifelong prevention.

Hopefully this year I will make such a list and I am afraid it will have upwards of 500 selections..................and that even makes life worse...BECAUSE when there are more than 10 items---it just confuses people and world gov hates anyone that would actually tell a stranger what each herb may be good for........they expect people to just "never" know and shut up and take their vaccinations and smoke some pot and forget about living.


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