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Published: 46 days ago

jim stone update

Two huge con jobs: Homeless tents in San Francisco, and the latest "covid relief bill"

Everyone knows the covid relief bill is a con job. GET THESE LOAN TERMS: The American people just took out a loan against the Federal Reserve for about $1.8 trillion. From that loan, they receive approxmiately $180 billion. The balance of the loan goes to corrupted politicians that stuffed their pockets with hoaxes and con jobs. AND, DRUM ROLL: . . . . . YOU HAVE TO PAY BACK A SIGNIFICAN PORTION OF THAT "180 billion" in taxes!!!

The federal government is SO CORRUPT it took about 92 percent of 1.8 trillion and simply ate it. I WILL TELL YOU WHERE THAT MONEY REALLY WENT: THAT MONEY WENT TO HUGE CORPORATIONS AND OTHER ENTITIES TO ALLOW THEM TO PAY A $15 MINIMUM WAGE AND THEN UNFAIRLY COMPETE AGAINST SMALL BUSINESS. Small business will additionally have to pay higher taxes to make up for that mostly stolen 1.8 trillion. This is all part of a plan to totally destroy businesses that are not elite owned. I could CARE LESS what their official reports state about where the 92 percent of this bill went, bet on it: it went to cronies in big business to enable them to pay an impossible "minimum wage". Ditto for the last covid bills that were just as bad.


Now onto that tent city in San Francisco:

How about a nice case of corruption on a smaller scale? San Francisco just paid $61,000 USD EACH, for 300 tents that cost less than $50 each. All the rest of the cash went straight into someone's pocket. And SF did this to "house 300 homeless people". So in Democrat land, America's down and outs the Dems claim to stand for, were instead used to CASH IN.

Here are the details: The City of SF handed the homeless, at the cost of $190 per day, food I could have bought for $3 or less, a tent that had to last a year that cost less than $50, picked up the trash that was paid for out of a different budget and then harassed with police that were paid for out of a different budget. IF the city of San Francisco was legitimate, and really did what they said efficiently and really cared, Here are the actual costs:

Food: $3 per person per day, (300 people) that's $900 per day and we'll cut them some slack here and leave leeway for $6 per day which is a HELL OF A LOT MORE than I EVER spent on myself per day and I always had hamburger, chicken and more what on earth is wrong with $2 per pound hamburger, as long as it does not come from Wal Mart? Nutritional requirements satisfied by bread, potatoes and whatever else that's cheap as long as there is meat . . . . generously we'll let them spend $6, so per day the food budget is now $1800. Carry that out to a year, and the food budget is $675,000. We'll cut them a little slack for garbage pick up, and say it was a full time job for ONE city employee (dubious, probably not that much work) and we'll pay that employee $60,000 and add dumpster fees of $20,000 for the year. 300 tents for $50 each is 1,500. No mention of anything else. There are always additional expenses, and those have to be factored in, so pretty much the standard way of calculating those expenses is to take the total projected cost and multiply it by 1.3. I will be generous and multiply that by 1.4. TOTAL PROJECT ACTUAL COST: 1,033,900

Where did the rest of the 16.1 million go??? YOU GUESS.

America will not survive being conned this badly, and it is happening everywhere. We simply can't survive having about 8 percent of what we pay into things being all we get out of it. And I don't think anyone expects this to last, corruption is going to crash the entire thing and everyone KNOWS IT.

I'll tell you where it went: (and they deleted this off the page, I noticed the text collapse went to check the report for what vanished, here it is:)

City official A has friend B who owns a food company. This friend charges 15X for the food, above and beyond what it should cost and kicks back a nice portion of the difference to the corrupted city official. Suddenly $6 in food costs $90 and it all balances just fine in the books, which show every dime accounted for. And the corruption was a LOT worse than that, the cost was actually $167 per person per day, WTF FOR????

And then they delete my rant because they can't handle having it be true. I know what I am going to do - I have an old tablet with amazing battery life and I'll set it to intervalometer and have it photograph what I type once per second. Then I'll see exactly what got deleted and highlight it beautifully.

The level of corruption in governments across the United States reminds me of an old post I did about the crack head and the vending machine

This is exactly how destructive this level of corruption is against the United States:

A crack head walks up to a vending machine with a crow bar. The machine cost $3000. He crow bars his way in and does $800 in damage to steal $50 in change. That is literally what these bastards are doing to the United States. And the little guy has to pay the repair bill.


Here is what would have happened if I was in charge of that homeless camp:

I'd have, rather than issue tents, had the qualified among the homeless start building homes. And I am not talking the fantastic rip-off "tiny homes", they'd average about 500 square feet. They'd have all been built in brick and concrete. If you have a contractor in an area that is allowed to have concrete, you can pour the whole damn house of that size for about $20,000 and then complete the finishing work, electrical and all, for about $10,000 more. It would be even cheaper with help from those who were going to be housed. Then there wold be about 8+ million left for other stuff. What is wrong with that city? Why did that not happen? You can't blame permits and regulations WHEN IT IS A G. DAMN CITY PROJECT, unless, of course, there are more layers of corruption standing in your way. And there are.


So there's all this talk about a "great reset". Why does even THAT have to work against us, when it should instead be a "great reset" purging of corruption? NOT TODAY FOLKS!!!

Bored geek re-appropriates outdated computer hardware to a different task

Who would have known scanner motors, floppy drive advance motors and hard drives doing the click of death could actually do the mission impossible theme? How much time did this guy have to do this with? quite interesting.


Jen Psaki is now in the black eye club.

First Mitt Romney. Then Nancy Pelosi. NOW THIS:


IMPORTANT: When I came across this, I figured someone was probably doing deep fakes of black eyes, because you know - NO WAY. So I went to an original press briefing that happened a day later, and sure enough the make-up is not doing it's job.

WHAT is going on? Who is physically beating high level people in the U.S. government??? Are Psaki, Romney, and Pelosi, as bad as they are, not bad enough??? Who is giving the orders??? Is Kamala having this done?


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