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vaccines verses "true" wild oregano oil

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Published: 9 months ago

vaccines verses "true" wild oregano oil

People are waking up to the idea that 2020 was a scam started as early as 1993 and basically nothing different than world war 1 germ warfare experimentation that kills hundreds of millions of people "the" educated want removed from earth, so they can take the land. "extermination" has been the foundation of harvard for 150 years...if you are the wrong color, do not look like the queen/popes and fall down and serve those that have entered and conquered countries for 2,000 years and hoarding gold and gyms....then you have a target on your back---at the end of world war 1, they used germ warfare on all the surviving soldiers as a method to exterminate them and their families---the first ANT germ warfare experiment that changed the world war and the white coats and their vaccines replaced bullets and bombs.

TRUMP was known world wide as a germ a phobe.................truth be known, odds are the pentagon hand chose TRUMP as the "SUCKER" that would believe their germ warfare and used him the hospitals/military trillions of $$$$$ to continue world wide de-population..........YOUR TAX $$$ goes to murder unborn babies and kill the elderly and in 2020, used to exterminate people past age 40.

in 1992 they added titanium dioxides to your air, junk foods and skin / hair health care products with 1 goal---to exterminate humans by age 1992 they decided they do not want their slaves living past age 40.


Everything Wrong With The Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less.mp4

TRUMP was either a SUCKER, or he was part of it. January 6th, 2021 was a B rated hollywood production that EVERY POLITICIAN, including TRUMP "all" knew was going to happen--------TRUMP knows the woman actor was never shot----------all of DC knows the woman was never shot and that they were all poor want-to-be actors....EVERY politician democrat and republican in DC are all criminals---100% of them...all B rated actors...INCLUDING TRUMP, unless he is dumb as a rock and he is not, so he KNOWS 2020 was a 100% scam to depopulate the planet------HE KNEW a year in advance china/democrats would use the computers to choose every DC politician-------HE KNOWS he was hand chosen by the pentagon and he was "used" for the greatest mass murder in the entire world------world wide forced vaccination...same as doctors with out borders have been doing in africa and south america to murder hundreds of millions of people for 80 years......of which b gates proudly says he will reduce 30% of the world population using his vaccines.

WHY would TRUMP play such a game that torments his family? That is the question....."if" you can keep billions of $$$, the popes/queens OWN YOU, you OBEY or they show you that they control all $$$ and decide how you live or do not live.


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