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DEC is working wonders, misc ramblings of my journey thus far
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Published: 25 months ago

DEC is working wonders, misc ramblings of my journey thus far

DEC seems to be working exceptionally well for me now. In combination with mebendazole and occasional ivermectin.

. A little background.... I've been battling a complicated infection for going on 2 years now. It started with Fasciolopsis Buski..... large intestinal flukes contracted from eating contaminated food at a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles..... at least that's what manifested the first big obvious signs that started me on this most unwanted adventure in my life. Looking backwards though, I had gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes back in 2018, and thought I may have caught West Nile from that, as I'd begun having debilitating headaches, fevers, and sometimes would fall asleep for 18 hours at a time, unable to wake up thru three different alarm clocks going off in succession. After the mosquito thing, I'd noticed that biting gnats would then swarm all around me whenever I went outside too, and I got bit a lot from those. Then symptoms seemed to subside about 50 percent thru winter of 2018-19 and I'd thought perhaps it was just my body finally slowly fighting off the hypothesized West Nile I thought I had. Then after March 2019, the Fluke hell started. I fought those off with PZQ, and in the process begun to see lots of other weird things coming out, and couldn't tell what many of those were. Some looked somewhat similar, but much smaller than the F. Buski, which basically ceased after pooping out an estimated 500 of them. I identified something that looked like Schistosoma Hepatica, and something that very much resembled Bilharzia Americana (A schistosome found in raccoons and dogs..... endemic to the region where I live) but not very many of them. i was still crapping out something flukelike that I couldn't identify, so I acquired some Triclabendazole and took a couple rounds of that. I then identified a few (maybe 4 or 5) Fasciola Hepatica after the first couple rounds of TCB but no more in subsequent treatments, but I was still infected with something unidentifiable and it was making my life miserable so I took more big doses of PZQ, which hurt whatever was infecting me but wouldn't eradicated it. I was miserable with the die-off toxins.... like unable to walk straight and maintain balance, bad fevers, felt outright poisoned and would sometimes fall down when I stood up and tried to walk. I then tried FenBen without much success, Ivermectin and Albendazole too. Then one day I combined PQZ, FBZ, IVM and Pyrantel all at once and all hell broke loose..... that's when I woke up one morning to find beige-whitish mystery worms of unidentifiable species dissolving holes in my skin, face, arms, legs, chest, trying to escape the chemical fire I fed them, by dissolving holes thru my skin to get to the outside atmosphere and die. Thats where the photo I'd posted in the Image Gallery (under one of my older user IDs that the password quit working.... and it seems impossible to get a lost/broken password reset on this website) So, nope, I didn't imagine that nightmare of worms literally coming out of my skin, I took photos as proof. I was so fearful that one would dissolve a hole in my eyeballs, that I squashed one in the sinus area under my lower eyelid when it was trying to dissolve its way out my tear ducts, and I must've killed it good because it got super infected under my lower eyelid and swelled up badly for a couple days. I've taken enough of each kind of dewormer med, and herbal stuff too, to kill a horse 5 times over.... but still suffered. I've identified worms coming out of my sinuses that I'm pretty sure were Mansonella Ozzardi or closely related, likely caught from the biting gnats, but also found a paper written by someone at Oklahoma State University where they found M. Ozzardi in mosquitoes trapped around OK City... meaning this filarial worm had now crossed to a different species of insect vector. The CDC told the OK state health department and the OSU that was unpossible, but we all kinda know that the CDC is often full of sheet when it comes to parasites. Anyway, I also suspected that I might even have strongyloides so I started the Sharkman protocol with IVM, FBZ, ABZ and Doxy. I even tried modifying that with Minocycline in place of Doxy, and tried some Moxidectin once a month for a few months. In late fall of 2019, I'd lowered my infection down to a very low level but it was still there, but I felt comfortable enough to pursue getting some cosmetic plastic surgery I'd been wanting for a long time.... a boob job, which went extremely well, and the surgeon never saw any worms crawl out when he sliced open my boobs to cram in the implants, lol, I'm sure if that would've happened all hell would've broken loose, but it went well and I healed up perfectly fine from that.... but I was still carrying a worm infection, in my digestive tract, and in my sinuses and skin. For all of 2020 during the pandemic, I kinda managed to keep it limited via regular IVM, Minocycline, Mebendazole or Albendazole and occasional Moxidectin, but it was still quite negatively impacting my quality of life bad enough that there were times I began thinking dark thoughts that maybe I'd rather give up and die than continue living with this disgusting chronic infection. I'd long since gotten over the psychological freak-out of having parasite worms in me and realized that it's very likely that almost everyone has parasites of one kind or another..... the fact is that people are full of worms and all kinds of things. We're mammals/animals and it's kind of natural..... it's just not natural to have such a bad infestation that it becomes life-impactingly pathological. But my infection was still overtly pathological. I'd caught Covid back in November 2020 and it took about three months to get over that. I'm still only about 75% at best recovered from that and I can't help but wonder if my worms made the Covid worse. I'd bought a bunch of DEC and Nitazoxanide back in Summer of 2020 but after reading many papers and articles about it, was kind of afraid to take the DEC. I was just maintaining a miserable status quo on IVM, MBZ and Nitazoxanide..... In February 2021, I decided to try the DEC, continuing the IVM and MBZ as well. The Nitazoxanide and Minocycline didn't seem to be adding or changing anything so I dropped them. I began the DEC slowly at first, just 200mg per day.... 100mg every 12 hours for a week, Then bumped up to 100mg every 8 hours for three weeks, now I'm at 100mg every 6 hours and things are happening. After a year and a half of blowing several worms and blood out of my nose several times each day, I'm now only blowing a worm or two embedded in snot and blood out of my nose each day. My sinuses have begun clearing up and started healing inside. The worms almost ate a hole thru the septum inside my right nostril, and the wound actually scabbed over now with what seems to me a normal scab, and no longer an oozing gelatinous green-yellow bloody goo with dead worm parts in it. The twitching, wriggling, and biting feelings I'd been feeling under my skin in my feel, legs, arms and scalp have diminished by about 80%. When I first began the DEC, the twitching and biting was pretty bad for a couple weeks, but then got less and less. I'm keeping on the MBZ 100mg once or twice a day because I'm still seeing evidence of dead worm parts in my poop, but that seems to be diminishing too. The DEC does give me headaches though, but nothing I can't deal with. I'm probably going to keep up the DEC at 4x100mg per day for another week or two, then do an intestinal flush out with PinX/pyrantel pamoate and take a break from these meds for 2 or three weeks and see how things are going. I could be totally wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've had some kind of really nasty filarial worm infection all along..... basically a complex hyper infection along with god only knows what kind of visceral larval migrans, intestinal tract, internal organs, lymphatic, etc..... and in hindsight, probably caught the initial start on this hellish ride from the mass mosquito assaults and subsequent biting gnat attacks back in spring/summer of 2018 as the primary nexus..... and that may have made me more susceptible to the intestinal fluke infection of March 2019, And then everything snowballed from there. I've learned that the trematodes are the worst for causing your immune system to be downregulated/suppressed because the enzymes they secrete are the most powerful and broad spectrum of all the helminths. Basically once you get flukes, that opens up the floodgates for anything and everything else to invade your body like a worm party free for all. And then your life can turn to pure worm infection hell. At least that's my understanding so far.

MattK3 is you happen to be reading my lengthy blabberings here.... do you concur? Also do you have anything else to add, or correct here? You've been a tremendous help to me and countless others here. I pray that I'm not getting my hopes up prematurely or in vain here, but it almost seems that I may be finally seeing some light at the end of the awful tunnel I've been going down for the past 23 months. I'll be getting my first Moderna Covid vaccine shot in a couple days from now and hopefully my immune system is in adequate shape now to properly utilize the vaccine.

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