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Staying Immune

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Published: 7 months ago

Staying Immune

Herbs and herbal use is a larger subject than anyone has ever known--ever! Old herbal books and history used herbs mostly as medicines and medical was the end result and medical ended up being the world's military depopulation plague on the planet---surely the ones the ancient Biblical Monks referred to as "the worldly" people---the people that fill the valley of death. The valley of death is what life on earth is and has always been----you are either a real human with a real soul; or you are walking death--a soulless zombi nightmare existence. That is basically what the ancient biblical Monks believed they tried to explain why some people are good and why others are evil with a desire to harm / kill children and all that is good on earth and poison the earth its self------today we see how the white coats have enabled the poisoning of the oceans, the air, the land-----the evil people can not stop, they become worse every minute of every day.....exactly like the ancient biblical monks wrote that they do---at the end of every earth cycle. The white coats them selves try to explain why they become so evil and blame it on accumulated sun radiation--in fact, their daily chem trail global warming spraying since 1949 mildly tries to slow down the sun's radiation, but surely it goes right through their aluminum and titanium dioxide powder in the skies like a hot knife through butter and all they do is poison every living thing on earth and they are never going to stop killing "all" life on earth---what they them selves recognized as the MAD HATTER SYNDROME, they are so toxic, they are out of control and can only do harm to the living. we normal humans see this as demon possession. The ancient biblical Monks believed fully that "you" can loose control of "your" body and not just 1, but thousands of unwelcome spirits jump in and then torment your body, because they are hateful, jealous, evil spirits that only want to harm and kill you. The expression THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT---is simply saying 1 of the thousands of evil demons that took over my body, made me do it---that is what has put millions of people in prisons and on death row.

ONLY a HEALTHY BODY is demon resistant. PERIOD.

A poisoned body is open game for demons-----so what happens when demons take over all government world wide? Very simple, starting 126 years ago, they developed wars, posions and then vaccines to destroy all the good people on the entire planet. It makes sense, because if you an evil demon, you want control of ALL humans, not just the lucky few that fall ill----so medicines / vaccines were their creation and then endless chemicals added to water, food and air......THEY poison the entire planet to take over the bodies of all humans on earth-----------the stuff known as THE END TIMES or today's modern word-------ZOMBIES and amazingly, even the military has zombie training bases where they train to shoot the heads off of humans......that is what MAD HATTERS DO, they are insane due to toxicity.......they have no control of their body, they are prisoners in that body.

Haunted houses, areas have always been "real", the stuff that even scared natives hundreds/thousands of years ago......evil spirits have always been a PROBLEM for humans living on earth.......the stuff was known by all, but once everyone had a camera---now the world knows there is some scary ### out there.......every town USA and the WORLD has at least 1 haunted house.......a boarded up building no normal human can live in.......

Evil exist everywhere and has murdered well over a billion people in just the past 126 years and today---wow, has evil's plans came to light---the continuance of their vaccines----not only for this or that country based on their color and desires to take their lands---but the mad hatters want to poison every human personally on the entire planet............they have been planning this vaccine as early as 1993. China / TRUMP made it world wide possible---TRUMP gave the $$$$$$ as did those before him and today, the demons have trillions of $$$ and the heavily vaccinated military are the truest zombies this planet has ever seen---with enough vaccines, the military will kill anything and everyone..with enough vaccines, the soldier become a mindless human drone...of murder.

City Humans have known for 126 years that they need TO HEAD TO THE HILLS and get away from the demons---if they want freedom to live in peace. They have always known this---only now, they are stuck in the cities and in America, 100+ million foreigners are in the cities and as many as a billion more on their way....the foreigners are heading for another country because they are sick of the zombies that destroyed their countries..........

The Valley of Death has always "been" and you can not run or hide from the demons------ William Branham proved to the entire planet that he could recognize and see the human demons the moment they spoke---he had the gift to follow their voice back to what he called THE REGIONS and then see if the human he was speaking to was a DEMON or a REAL HUMAN. You can easily find video on line by his son, Billy Branham where he explains at large meetings, when these demons humans came to "mock" the good people---William Branham would common the demons to leave and the humans would drop over dead and the good people would pick the dead bodies up and throw them out and stack them up like cords of wood--is how Billy describes the stacks of dead bodies-------not dead people, but just dead bodies.

Millions of people today---would say yes, i was married to 1 of those demons or I was harmed by one of those demons or surely my child is one of those things----etc. , etc. and that is just way to much to accept as a possibility, because the schools/gov did their best to destroy the people starting by 1950 that were helping humans rid their lives of fact, world history by the year 1950 shows that the demons were organized and taking over earth by 1950.

William Branham had but 1 education for the entire planet----BEWARE and STAY AWAY from all organized / licensed people---they serve a human master, they hate GOD.

Was William Branham correct? That and all history and books are for people to decide that---today hundreds of thousands of people are still alive that witness those demons falling over dead....and watched demons leave the sick and then the sick were no longer sick.

WHAT is SICKNESS? If your suppose to have 1 spirit (you) in your body and you in charge of all you do----surely that is one sign of health----YOU in charge of YOU.

Are there other spirits inside your body? YUCK if that ever happens.........

Are there others spirits watching you in your home and just waiting to get inside you? DOUBLE YUCK.....

An author from Michigan about 25 years ago wrote books explaining how he learned to go watch people in their homes------he would call up a friend and say--hide this or that and even though he was miles away---he would instantly tell the person where they hid the object. he said he could watch anyone he wanted---to prove it, he held seminars in his back yard where people brought their sleeping bags and once everyone was a sleep--he took them as a group into deep space or anywhere on earth......or maybe he was just as expert hypnotize? Yet in his books he drew pictures of what deep space looked like---before the deep space telescope was launched and then showed the same thing....he truly believed he could watch you and that anyone could--if they were reeducated......teachers/schools/drugs/vaccines/posions have a single goal----dumb humans down and keep them stupid by way of posions........

HERBS are food supplements......people that ate correct would not need herbs,. because in fact, all REAL foods are herbs.

The last free humans were the natives of Australia, they scared the world gov so badly, that they rounded them up, poisoned them and put them in cities---via drugs they can take any race and make them dumbed down drug addicts till they all die. DRUGS are the original black art of death--slow murder.

You were born on a battlefield, you are walking through the valley of death---exactly as the ancient biblical monks wrote about--that is life and death as a human on earth.........the true school. The only path to graduation is very simple: learn to trust GOD your creator of your that and all the zombies are powerless over you....

OR NOT, you may believe it is DOG EAT DOG and that is why humans have purchased hundreds of millions of GUNS in the past 20 years---because they see the organized people coming to kill them.

Either way---if your vaccinated into zombi-land, you will have zero control in your controlled body.....every breath of air you have ever taken ever---is loaded with millions of partials of aluminum and titanium dioxide +----------------by 1935 Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. explained in his book---how you and all humans can expel that poison--you can see the military poisons expel out your tongue and that is proof your stomach and liver is oozing out their poisons and can be put down the toilet.

Those old medical books were known as OCCULT authored BOOKS, they had nothing to sale and explained how you can fight back in an evil world of zombies that spray and poisoned your family and you since 1917. it has always been a war for 2,000 years.......nothing new, only now they have trillions of $$ and are after every human on the planet to make them---one of the zombies......the times of Noah is suppose to happen when there are no more humans left on earth---there question today is how many are left? How many born pure and true?


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