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3 Months of face worms, parasites- thank you to this forum...
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Published: 27 months ago

3 Months of face worms, parasites- thank you to this forum...

Thank you to all on this board - I have been a consistent lurker for three months now. I realized I had a horrible worm and other parasite infestation right before Christmas and I have been battling this for three months. I am having a rare break right now from new symptoms - but I have had periods of false hope before, only to be crushed when they came back within a day or two.

This is the worst health nightmare I could imagine. I have been through hell and when you have it BAD - like it seems the people on here have had - no one understands or can truly help, you don't even want to share it.

--- I am from the US but live in Central America so there are countless ways I could have gotten this, but it sounds SO much like what many of you have, I think any tropical parasite has potentially gone around the globe at this point. Here is some basics of what Ive been through:

--had increasing fungal looking Acne all during covid, passed it off as stress, it got worse and worse, got bullous impetigo on my fingers, eczema started, and some swelling in face.--right before xmas, I took a harder look at swelling on face and saw a worm wriggle under my skin in my lip. That was my moment of my blood running cold and knowing - this is going to be bad.†

---instead of going to a hospital as it was late at night, I started a horrible DIY torture chamber in my bathroom. I used every topical cream and chemical peel on my face that night, never slept. I put mayonnaise on every square centimeter of my body, having read that this is an old fashioned†cure for skin parasites, What I saw that night is the stuff of nightmares. Black fibers (which made me think morgellons) in face, tons of bumps (eggs?) came out all over my skin, it was gruesome. I SAW creatures under my skin that I am not even sure I can describe. I got one picture of two that made a hole in my toe and hopped out that the dr thought were "dogworms". I didn't get any other pics that night as I was in shock. but I saw huge shapes (worm like) moving fast under my skin, I saw several types of parasites that all seemed to head to my feet. I even tried to cut one out that first night, and I still have an open wound from where that happened.†

I would never explain to anyone what I truly saw that night because it seems like what a crazy person would say - it is surreal and you only know the feeling when you've had this unspeakable parasite experience. As the creatures raced to my feet, my feet started to swell up in a crazy way, and something hatched in my foot. I was so beside myself that I was making small incisions and trying to coax things out....what came out at that point was a ton of tiny white worms. I saw other things under my skin that were not worms - they were like roach looking things. It seems my mayo experiment caused them to move to my hands and feet, which have been a mess since that night, and seem to be where nests were established.†

---I still have a handful of other spots on my breast, chest, and thighs where I have nests. My face has had severe breakouts of more worms since that first night and I have only had worms in my face, not any other creature in my face, but at one point, I had a huge dark area that would move under my skin - it came up into my neck several times and turned my whole neck a blueish color. I could even see its blue color in the back of my throat. I saw huge worms that were dark shapes that would hang in my shoulders and arms - at least 8" long, maybe the size of a pencil. I saw 1" wide clear things with triangle heads in my arms - the head alone was like an inch, the body several more inches, like a flatworm or tapeworm. Such a nightmare that I can't imagine going through again, I thought so many times these would kill me.

--I believe I have a touch of morgellons, plus possibly dog worms, tapeworms, and stongeloides, also flukes. They seem to be only cutaneous and in my lymph - I have no digestive issues at all and barely saw any in my stool.

---I can get Antibiotics easily here, at least some, so I was able to take Ivermectin and Mebendazole quickly. I didn't take enough - and ended up at the dr after the second wave. SHe put me on antifungals and cefaloxin - I was shocked she didn't give me any more worm meds, she was shocked I had more than one outbreak or would have any problem after one dose, and she is in tropical medicine so to her, that would be what was normal.†

---after the third outbreak, I went into a hospital here and got IV Antibiotics and was put on Albendazole, 7 days, plus Ivermectin a higher dose (15 mg) for two weeks. I even saw a tropical disease doc and he thought strongeloides, but he didnt' test for it.†

---The way my body has suffered in the last 3 months is heartbreaking. My face skin keeps breaking out in horrible, keratinized, hard, bumpy, horrible looking painful patches that can appear out of nowhere and be as big as half my forehead. When they come out, they last weeks. They coincide with the worm outbreaks and could be an autoimmune or the worms themselves†cause this in hours - they appear overnight and I am traumatized as I have had times where I feel better only to wake up with a new lesion - ALWAYS on my face only - and I know the next several weeks will be new worms, hiding, and misery, along with yet more scars.†

---The scarring on my face has been brutal. I went from looking pretty good as a woman in my early 40's to having skin that looks like I aged 10 years - I am so pockmarked and scarred up. I have had horrible lymphedema in the thighs, feet, and hips, I assume from my body trying to push out worm bodies. I have multiple tiny lesions on my thighs that I think will go away, but I'll have red remnants of this for a LONG time. It is going to take extensive work on my face to repair the damage. I'm not even going to bother until I know the lesions are stopped. I also have had ulcers with biofilm. The fibers have stopped but I have a spongey biofilm in new spots all the time.†

---The amount of meds I've been on is staggering. Ivermectin first weekly, then 2 solid weeks, now weekly again. Monthly Mebendazole, 14 days cefaloxine, several anifungals, 6 weeks of doxy, I also ordered and have taken a monthly shot of prazi (dog meds), Moxi (horse gel), and also took fenben for 10 days, and now started on DEC for 10 days. I am BACK on doxy again for 2 more weeks.†

---I also take a ridiculous amount of daily concoctions of antiparasitic herbs like neem, Paraguard, Colloidial†Silver, Lyme Tincture from Amazon, Biofilm powder, cat's claw, vervain, DE, boron, Monolaurin, Grapeseed, majisthra, Homozon, bloodroot, noni, Mimosa pudica, MSM, among others. I take these every day and barely let up.

---Ive used iodine, baking soda, vinegar, every antifungal etc topically - nothing really works.

Even through taking all this, the progress is SUPER SLOW.....I feel better today than I have in a while but I am still so wary and I know how easily it can be snatched away again.†

---I am recovering from the worst nest on my cheek that left a huge hole that looks like a gunshot. It is traumatizing. My forehead is recovering from being half covered in the awful ulcers, Today is the first day I could barely cover them with makeup to look and feel human. They look awful - but from what they looked like in the past (weeping, dented, etc) just being able to cover with makeup and look like a burn victim is improvement.

---My swelling in my legs is better - just last week fenben and DEC caused bruising and swelling in my knees, which I think was more die off. I feel less creepy crawly feelings now, still have some biting and stringing from inside in my legs at night, less now, and some vibrating in my lower back and legs sometimes. THANK GOD the wriggling in my face seems to have passed. that was truly unbearable at night.†

---Kudos to all of you battling this. I have always been a very strong person, I don't cry, and I have a high pain tolerance and no time for complainers or victims. I have been brought to my knees by this. This year with COVID etc has been so absolutely, obscenely awful and very few people in the world know what I have been through wth the worms which was worse than anythng else this year.†

--Wanted you all to know the amount of comfort and hope I†found in your posts - plus the guidance with meds - I am following a lot of what I found here and if this day truly is a break or a change in the course of this, I have all of you to thank.†

---The world looks very different to me at the end of three months of this as compared to the start. I am not sure there is anything like an absolutely out-of-control parasitic infestation to give you a new perspective on life and what matters. I hope at the end of this I hang on to this lesson. My gratefulness when I am done with this chapter of my life will be something very new to me.

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