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Vaginal parasites ó what's helped
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Published: 29 months ago

Vaginal parasites ó what's helped

Hi all†ó

Longtime lurker, first time poster on curezone. I have found a lot of things that have helped me here (a lot more that have overwhelmed me!) so I figured I'd give back some of what I've used to help myself overcome a massive hyperinfection of filarial worms (I believe strongyloides, but haven't gotten a positive test yet). I have multiple different worms and am still working on eliminating them, but may come back to post again if/when I find a cure.

To those dealing with filarial worms, try Sharkman's protocol (search him on curezone; I can't find his protocol here but I've attached a link with a sample dosing calendar below). The addition of doxy over the past 5 weeks seems to have helped somewhat, and Fenben is a godsend. Also try double-dosing Praziquantel ó 1200mg 3x day for 1 day, then repeat a month later until symptoms subside.

Sharkman protocol sample dosing calendar:

I had a truly terrible vaginal infection that started about 10 months ago and is now about 90% cleared. My next step, when I work up the courage, will be Miracle-Mineral-Supplement douches and/or vaginal ozone treatments to make sure they're totally gone. Sometimes I can feel what seems to be crawling in my left ovary, and I'm concerned they're still there. When I first realized what I had I had about 6 months of torture ó†painful itching, a yeast infection that lasted for 4 months, couldn't sleep with my boyfriend for 5 months, fear and worry about whether this would ever go away. Now I am almost entirely free of them. I looked on here but there wasn't a ton of good advice, so if you're in the same situation, hopefully this helps!

1. Hygiene: Get a wax. Your pubic hair holds worms and eggs. Buy at least 2 pairs of cheap Target/Walmart underwear that you can throw out for every day of the week (I actually had 3 pairs for every day; would change them whenever the crawling got to be too much). Change your underwear before you go to bed and after you shower in the morning. Put your dirty underwear in a plastic bag separate from the rest of your laundry so you don't infect your clothes. At the end of the week, boil your dirty underwear with 1 cup borax; let it boil for 30m-1hr and let it soak for 3-4 hours, before washing it on the highest, hottest setting with more borax. Wear close-fitting underwear to bed; change your sheets frequently (daily or every other day) until you get a handle on the infection. No sex. Do not use a loofah or reusable sponge to wash. If you use a washcloth, *only* use it on your vagina (or wash your vagina last) and put it in the bag with your dirty laundry. Buy a couple of boxes of latex/disposable gloves; wear a set if you are ever touching your vagina or applying any sort of medication.

2. Itching: I used a tube of vagisil a week at one point, just to get through the day. Then I used some heavy duty herbal oils on my vagina. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as it *hurts* but I was desperate and tbh it was the only thing to offer me relief some days. I would mix oil of oregano, olive leaf oil and clove oil in some coconut oil and apply it topically to my vagina (while wearing gloves). Again, this BURNS. It's not pleasant. But it would generally stop the itching for a bit after, so I knew it was killing something. I put on vagisil first to dampen the feeling and then applied the oils. I also would apply cold from the fridge coconut yogurt to my vagina. This actually really works; it resupplies your vagina with good bacteria.

3. Yeast infection: The only things that worked for me (I tried SO MANY THINGS) were these borax suppositories and Elixa high-dose probiotics. For about 2 months I inserted a new suppository every night and every morning. It took me two rounds of Elixa to beat the yeast infection too. I would also use medicated vinegar douches and Rephresh gel to try to balance out my PH; that sometimes helped alleviate the itching as well.
Vitanica Yeast Arrest suppositories:
Rephresh gel:

4. Antiparasitic medications: I don't have a great protocol for this, I was just trying everything I could to heal myself. That included putting antiparasitics up my vagina, and applying them topically. Sometimes we have to become living Science projects to heal ourselves. I do believe there are some scientific studies on this, but I just followed my intuition. I would disinfect a plastic medicine syringe with hot water or alcohol, put about 1ml of Albendazole into 3-5 ml of water and inject the solution into my vagina. At some point my hair started to fall out from this, so I switched to fenbendazole (I use the aquarium formulation for fish, which you can find at pet shops online). I also applied the albendazole straight to my vagina, day and night, to try to bring the worm population down. WARNING: I do believe these medications have affected my hormones and I think they actually caused my clitoris to shrink, oddly enough. But I've been off them for about 3 weeks now and things seem to be returning to normal. It was worth it for the healing, tbh.

5. What else helped: Prayer, honestly. When I was on my knees going insane with pain and discomfort I prayed to God. I have been praying every day this past month for healing for my vagina and I've seen things improve to where I'm almost healed. I thought people who preached prayer were weird too, but I've begun to believe I got these parasites partly to bring me to faith and bring me to God. Just trust that the universe is looking out for you, remind yourself that you are stronger than these worms, and you are fighting for yourself, and you will win. The doxycycline seems to have accelerated my healing too. I was worried about Antibiotics , but I'll fix my gut after these worms have left me. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or in the ocean seems to help as well. And I've seen suggestions that borax sitz baths may help.

6. Plant medicines. I'll write another post on this at some point but Ayahuasca and San Pedro have been incredibly physically healing for me. I would not recommend them for everyone, but if you've felt interested or called to look into plant medicines, this is your sign.

Good luck and happy healing! Don't give up. If I can heal, you can too.

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