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Herbal History

Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 38 days ago

Herbal History

Dr. John R. Christopher was 100% correct, his top 100 herb choice was always safe for all ages......history has proved it.

Hulda Clark learned about black walnut from the nurse of the man (HARRY HOXEY) that cured cancers with black walnut---used in the first mexican cancer clinic. Hulda loved that idea---because black walnut her method did not exist commercially, she had to drive to Arizona to find a black walnut tree.........keep in mind, Black walnut trees love water and rich deep black soil---so what ever examples she found in Arizona had to be pitiful specimens and she told me they scoop shoveled up the black walnuts off the ground.......while her German Heritage herbal scholars wrote that you use the Male Muds of the 60+ foot tall black walnut trees or at a minimum the immature walnuts-------but Hulda had no access to the proper herb.

Her first book explained parasites to the common person and OMG did she ever expose the evil of dentist, even more so than HUGGINS did in the 60's. Exposing the evil of dentist surely saved some lives--it saved my life.

Clark was big on parasites and poisons and she should have left it at that, because all her vitamins and garbage she sold, lead to her premature demise via "acids"--she just never could understand "acids", she consumed ACID, she only understood sterilization and that is what she did to herself---but she did it her way and that is the American Dream----freedom.

Black Walnut, Cloves, Wormwood, Pumpkin Seed, Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil.

As a tincture? It taste nasty like all tinctures do-----in 25 years, maybe 2 gallons total was ever purchased.

J. Kiem the Amish Healer, a self taught dentist/surgeon Amish Healer----he asked, can you make it a a "Syrup" for the amish children? I said sure-----and the Dr. Christopher Syrups and the Dr. that trained him---their Syrup methods all SUCKED---50% glycerin or just 50% sugar. Such Syrups will last about 30 days and were ment to be made for each that did not work at all......SO I MADE MY OWN THEORY and handed a case to the Amish Healer---he said the children LOVED IT and ordered cases more............

The first 2 people via the curezone to "ask" if they could sale this new "clark" formula (Both were thieves, they made websites)

Old Amish De-Wormer was the first name "coined" by a criminal, down south----a con man, thief that was always in trouble with the law in several countries...still is and still has an office in Miami with a fake website, still robbing people 25 years later---he hides in South America..and robs americans via his fake website..

When this man was in fed prison, the next fellow asked if he could have that OLD AMISH DEWORMER name? I said sure---he said I only want to sale to "my" people and since we are all extremely rich, I will sale it to them double the price---and he did for 20 years until he died in a wreck. His dead website is still called Old Amish Dewormer.... to me, the Old Amish Dewormer nae died 25 years ago shortly after the guy created the name, because he was just a thief.

The next guy----an amish young man, owned by his father as a slave until age 30. I gave him a free case and he looked at if for a full year----then he started selling it---he called it WORMS B GONE----I thought, OMG what a bad name---but he was successful and turned the formula into a amish child much so, that by 2007 he made enough $$ to buy his freedom and then left his parents and church in the dust and have never seen him since...

We just called it---P / W (paraasites/worms)
Dr. Kenneth Sutter tried it and called it THE WORLD'S BEST and perhaps he was correct---because his dosage was CORRECT, at his dosage, it would be THE WORLD'S BEST------he never wanted stronger, he wanted high dosage and he was "correct". BUT, those internet people, they never want high dosage, they only want the strongest made and never stop looking for the next new thing...that they collect and never take.

Dr. Sutter is correct------only no one follows correct.....they just never do.

A standing for ADULT/ I blended Clark's favorite an Dr. Christopher's favorite de-wormer herbs together and called that: P/W A and the amish adults they prefer to take horse dewormer from the farm stores/vets. Or some just drink clorox bleach--anything they purchased P/W A for their kids...

The Next Amish fellow gives it a try---he wants:

Maximum Restore

He said his wife proved all 3 work and work well. She is unable to have children--so she decided to help amish children by supplying these 3 products...

At first P/W, some P/W A and Some Max Restore...

years go by, less P/W and more P/W A and more Max Restore

Years go by------no more P/W, Only P/W A and more Max Restore...

Years go by---------2x more Max Restore than P/W A

His Maximum Restore was never just Maximum Restore. I always sent a bottle of the Burning Bush and suggested he could make an Adult version of the Maximum Restore by adding a few drops per bottle as be bottled it............I find out years later, from day 1, when he would get home, his wife poured the entire bottle in and always made Max Restore---ADULT STRENGTH

WHO consumes Maximum Restore Adult and P/W A ? Children

Maximum Restore Adult has a Mighty Taste---potent stuff, taste much stronger than P/W A and actually, the same Burning Bush could be added to P/W A and call that P/W AA

REAL HERBS that sale them selves-----climb the LADDER via history---the consumer decides and not some author/books/tv adds, etc.......but REAL PEOPLE that grew up using herbs for generations.

I haver taken allot of herbs in the past 30 years, but I will not take Max Restore Adult, unless I think I might be coming down with something, so I tried it 1 time and if Max Restore Adult can't help, then herbs can't help------------BUT, Maximum Restore is better, because a full bottle every day could be taken if needed and the Dr. Sutter Theory is CORRECT--------BUT, since germ warfare has been around since 1917 and a world problem again----I would keep Max Adult on hand as back up.....

Maximum Restore daily for life---plenty of it and "IF" you could possibly become ill doing that daily---then MAX ADULT is your next step / or LIVER ITCH at 1 tablespoon morning and night for 32 ounces OR if you were in full out war, on the front and people dropping like flies all around you---then either of these at 1 tablespoon EVERY HOUR and always hide a lifetime supply of LBB capsules.

Maximum Restore takes a year to make 1 batch--it is the most time consuming and expensive to make--------to make it ADULT strength requires the Rarest Herb from biblical history--what Moses Depended upon in the deserts and Moses was the KING of chemical warfare.

It all started with Dr. John R. Christopher because I learned by 1976 that medical and medical health insurance was 100% a CON JOB and that the organized have no intentions and permitting the 12th grade slaves to live healthy lives-----------

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