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Re: Skin parasite. Teeth or hooks in lesions. Can be seen crawling with patterned trademarks.
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Published: 18 months ago
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Re: Skin parasite. Teeth or hooks in lesions. Can be seen crawling with patterned trademarks.

I had some problems with fungus and I used both... Iivermectin and Albendazole 800/1000 mg /day
ivermectin comes in 6 mg in my region..., (maybe you can find 12 mg) so I used Ivermectin about 8 to 12 pills to maximize the effect for 1 week, both taken one in the morning 8 or so, (72 mg) and the other Albendazole after 12 noon... then rest for 3 / 4 days and see how you are feeling, then start another week or 7 days treatment, repeat treatment until you have none
In my case, the itching stopped...
Below is where I found this info, please read it. It works for me.

Hello. I'm new here to the Curezone Forum & was looking for info on Strongyloides treatment (i.e., Albendazole & Ivermectin) when I came across your post & was curious o learn how successful the treatment has been 4U & curious also to learn if you meant "Threadworms" when you typed "Tapeworms" or if in fact that's what you're actually dealing with (since they're in your nose/etc)?

JSYK, the whole reason I'm here on CureZone is b'cos I'd recently adopted & hand-reared (approx 3.5 mos ago)a feral kitten whose mother & siblings died from Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPV) & in addition to having the usual suspects (roundworm, etc.) as well as suffering from Cerebellar Hypoplasia (from FPV) I was slow to learn that the lil guy was also harboring Threadworms (Strongyloides tumefaciens)!! And guess who else was victim to these monsters, but yours truly :( Seriously, I have had animals as pets throughout my entire life & never knew about these creatures until just recently. And it's affected a lot more than just my gastrointestinal tract (!). I'd sought help initially thru my GP (who prescribed Mebendazole) & when that didn't clear it up (after refill/2nd round of Mebendazole) & was suffering from UTI, referred me to a G.I. specialist, who wouldn't see me, as I don't have insurance (self-pay): Went thru the ER @ area hospital w/worms that I'd expelled, in hopes that they'd prescribe a stronger anti-parasitic & the ER Dr basically inferred that I was suffering from Delusional Paratosis!! They did send samples to Lab, in addition to collecting both urine & blood samples-which I'm going to pick up today (results). I wanted to choke the life out of her & I'm a warm-hearted, loving person-but was so angry & upset that I was so casually dismissed (as being crazy, basically). So, I left insulted/disgusted, after wasting 5+ hrs @ hospital & was able to eventually find my way here, where I've just started reading posts about various meds, bugs, etc. I had to make my own diagnosis, w/the help of the internet. Initially, I thought it was Strongyloides stercoralis, but it's a slightly different strain (Strongyloides tumefaciens).
Just started on Ivermectin (pour-on, for cattle/taken orally) while the thiabendazole arrives (yes, I know that it's supposed 2B take 2gether @ the same time, but I was experiencing an advanced infection w/them coming out of my mouth, eyes, you-name-it). In any event, I hope that I haven't grossed you out too badly, but I wanted to assure you that I could somewhat relate to your listed symptoms. I sincerely hope that you're able to find relief from these horrible creatures! Please respond as time permits. (I welcome any/all CureZone members input. Thank you!!)

Sincerest Regards,

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