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Re: interesting diarrhea POST EARLIER

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 6 months ago
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Re: interesting diarrhea POST EARLIER

ONLY Veggie caps, have never used bovine capsules----

They cost more

They cost more to use, because encapsulation machines struggle with veggie caps.

Are they better? for humans that eat perfect----grow their own foods, eat raw, eat seasonal and never eat/drink wrongly----perhaps veggie would be the better choice for them----for the other 99.9999999% of the people on earth, there is so little difference it would not matter. When you consider "everything" developed to shorten the human lifespan to 40 years-----in that theory, no one would live long enough to prove which was better.

LBB herbal formula is the ONLY herbal blend that requires capsules----the rest as an "average" can be taken in a fruit smoothie or blended in something so no capsule is needed. CASCARA SAGRADA should never be taken by mouth with out being in a capsule..........I KNOW some stubborn amish trying to save a few pennies proved they could take LBB Powder mixed in water---I WOULD NEVER EVER suggest anyone try that ever.

A local pastor sunday said he ran out of LBB a month ago and thought he was good enough to do with out it----then come Thanksgiving he gorged himself with deer, turkey and all the extras and he said he learned his lesson, he will take LBB as needed for the rest of his life...................but, he, like 99.9999999999%, will faily to buy or make them selves a lifetime supply and the day will come, when such things will be obsolete. People 40 years ago believed that by now such things would not be possible and in the past 2 years such problems have accelerated and something as simple as water distillers have obsolete brand names.

LBB Powder made right and then blended with some wild oregano oil---would be the "best" bulk powder. IF life only permitted 1 herbal supplement---it would have to be LBB Powder+

IT IS POSSIBLE to blend LBB Powder with oils, etc. and make a paste and then take the paste by the spoon---but absolutely nothing works as good---as capsules, so you know 100% exactly how much your taking.

The golden rule for n average adult is:

9 capsules daily for 9 months for restoration

Then as desired for life.

I find 1 bottle per year a good average.

LBB is 1 formula that ages well--it can be 10 years old setting on a shelf in a cabinet and still work as good as the day it was made---because Cascara Sagrads has to be aged before it can be used. I am sure if it was kept in a freezer, it would last a lifetime easily. I believe it would probably work well even after 20 years just setting on a shelf--------BUT when using a bulk powder that has an essential oil blended in------make as you use....because the essential oil surely would not be the best thing for a capsule over time. Probably dissolve it eventually.

I have no clue where they grow and process Cascara Sagrada on this earth.........surely no where close to where I live.....and with out that herb, the formula will not work. Makes me think it is risky knowing that any day of the year---those in charge, can just say---NO MORE and that herb would evaporate.....that would be a sad day.

I learned long ago---life time supplies of anything good, is a good thing.

LBB or any capsule formula can be modified to do allot-------years ago I offered that idea and not 1 person had interest.......

NO HUMAN alive today-----understand true health...not one. After 1900 it would be impossible, today no human on earth knows what it would be like to not have parasites. Few do live on air alone---maybe. Those that do, tend to live in very polluted areas and known to be "wormy"......through out history they always seem to forget about the "worms".

To this very day, just watching TV, it is easy to see extremely wealthy people---when they talk, their teeth are black with mercury filling--proof their dentist are their greatest enemy but their wealth did not educate them.....

Dr. John R. Christopher was given the basics of the LBB formula and then they say that man from Germany was found dead in the street.....Dr. Christopher, according to a woman saying she was his daughter, says he laid in a coma for a long time, before the plug was pulled....yet, his favorite son, said he never knew that woman---(even though she owned the online Dr. Christopher website store...) LBB is like everything "good", each person self-experiments and they decide what they like and will use........and not judge a herb on the life time of authors that make something famous.

Humans often reach a point---they just "quit" and give it up and are found dead. Their books live on...

MANY have came along and said LBB was not strong enough and they are all wrong---they were too impatient, too eager to harm the intestines and never understood the LBB Formula. When used correctly, it is always the number 1 herb used, before any other herb is used.


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