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15 Month Update

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Published: 17 months ago
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15 Month Update

I am struggling a lot. Some combination of a low carb diet, constant malic acid, gold coin grass, and chanca piedra must have depleted my intramuscular potassium stores. I have to drink a bunch just to stave off cramps and headaches, now. I believe it can be reversed, but thatís not the focus of this forum.
Because of the potassium deficiency, exercise has for some reason made me extremely hungry such that I gain weight rapidly (protein foods). To avoid this and still reap the benefits of cardioís effects on the liver, I purchased a home sauna kit. It costs me almost no metabolic energy (which is already scarce) to raise my heart rate to at least 150, and I can even do it twice a day, now.
I believe this in conjunction with vegetables will strengthen my liver since this is what Julia Changís story/guide seemed to imply.
I had taken an attitude of indifference towards Liver Flushes before since broccoli seemed to replicate the same sensations of ďgurglingĒ in the liver that flushes caused, but now believe they are indeed of unique value and necessary. My first one in quite some time was last week, and some terribly smelling stones were released. Most were green (cannot remember how dark or bright), and some were tan later on.
My second was only a few days later and produced noticeably less green stones. There was plenty of tiny clay stones, but nothing smelled like the first flush. I think the bile pool was low. I've impatiently decided to use TUDCA supplements to speed up bile pool replenishment, and plan to flush weekly.
Something interesting I've noticed. Ever since I started to use ox bile supplements over two and a half years ago, I've struggled to breathe at night. After this latest flush I could breathe easier. I think there are mast cells that form in the liver in response to blocked bile ducts, and these raise histamine levels. When I replenished the bile through supplements, the struggle to breathe returned. I think if I can clear out the liver, the inflammation will subside. This aligns with Andreas Moritz 's claims about Liver Flushes ability to treat allergies since they are both based on histamine load.
I donít think I absorb dietary fat because I can consume a considerable amount without weight gain, and it would fit with the liver theory that the bile is backed up. I think if I could finish the Liver Flushing that Iíd be able to digest fat again, and sustain a low carb/vegan diet. Right now I have to eat carbs just for energy.
I'm hopeful the Liver Flushing will work now that Iíve acquired two weapons of liver decongestion: increased heart rate to remove stagnant blood, and bitterness consumption to encourage bile excretion (phase 2 detoxification).
My heart hurts a lot, and I donít honestly know what the cause is. I hope itís that there is a bunch of cholesterol stuck in my liver and that the flushes will remove it with time. I went to the hospital and they didnít see anything wrong.

To sum up my game plan:
Flush: 1/week ( Epsom Salt and olive oil)
TUDCA: 250mg-1g / day
Malic acid: 1 tsp/day
Sauna: 1-2 sessions/day (simulates cardio exercise)
Broccoli: 1/2 - 1 stalk/day
Chinese bitters: 1 tsp/day

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