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cure narcissism: brain type analysis, correctives

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nordskoven Views: 74
Published: 5 months ago

cure narcissism: brain type analysis, correctives

Fellow dupes! I say "dupes" to shock you into seeing the METABOLIC-PHYSIOLOGIC reason(s) for "narcissism." My daddy asked me, "What is in rabies that makes a dog bite?" His reply was, "Nothing." Nothing in rabies programs a dog to bite. It is lashing out at a bodily malfunction induced by rabies attacking the nervous system. The same thing can happen with all people and especially with narcissists. For example, people can be lashing out as neurologic UNDER-FIRERS. Got that? Love you. Carry on with me. When one "psychologizes" a METABOLIC-PHYSIOLOGIC DISORDER you get the infinite therapy cash cow, Freud financing his cocaine and not ever fixing anything, just encouraging "dwelling" for cash. SO! Check out DR. AMEN's Brain Clinic and get the drift of brain types fueling bad behavior. Someone with neurologic glitch says, "This feels good" as for the underfiring brain so will rationalize "eating the children" just to get a vampire blast to be able to feel, to sense the self! You know them. Adrenaline junkies. They have to stir up stuff because they cannot--be patient--FEEL THEMSELVES. The wiring is glitching from allergy, from malabsorption from... Find the brain type in self and others! Maybe it's an inflamed overfiring brain and person is acting out like a rabid dog. At any rate, the nervous system is D.O.A. for many in the USA because of many causes like--get this--possibly DIGESTION! SEE: "YOU'RE NUTS BECAUSE OF YOUR GUTS on CureZone." Antibiotics can punk the guts by encouraging yeast to eat through the gut lining, causing Leaky Gut (Leaky Gut forum at CureZone). Stay with me. Low stomach acid? "I can't digest Essential Fatty Acids (lots of Irish, for example) so neurons are not well-insulated and I'm constantly brain inflamed "RING OF FIRE" per Dr. Amen so acting out from inflammation. OR alternatively "I can't digest EFA's so I have no nerve fuel from friendly cholesterol because digestion is rotten so I and have to stir up stuff to get any sense of self." KABOOM! Bomb others, especially vulnerable children to "feel" self. Start fights. Even wars.

How about HIGH I.Q.? They have a MORE VULNERABLE BRAIN!!! "SMART" brains are more efficient and DO NOT build up richer neural networks that provide optional back-roads and alternatives to bad behavior so are more emotionally brittle. So to fix bad behavior, build the network, use mechanical stimulation of walking, running, dancing, hand clapping, left-right tapping, anything to build up plastic brain's optional networks that buffer and smooth the stupid part of smart people who USE LESS OF THEIR BRAIN AND GET STUCK ON STUPID! That's dangerous. See? Now, do you feel better because you're thinking better? This is cure-oriented not psych industry side-stepping or fight-or-flight strategies that, yes, one may have to resort to. We must look at the mechanics of the body, and be wary of the economics of psych finger-pointing. DR. AMEN and the AMEN BRAIN CLINIC GIVES QUIZZES TO TEST BRAIN TYPES AND MEDICINAL AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS THAT WILL OPTIMIZE THE BRAIN TO ACTUALIZE GOOD BEHAVIOR. Put the "Cure" into "CureZone." Narcissistic pests may not be evil, they may, and indeed likely are, METABOLIC-PHYSIOLOGIC CRIPPLES from genetic tendencies aggravated by things like allergies and external toxins. That doesn't mean stick around for the abuse or play Dr. God and inflict a cure that is unwanted. But there isn't any possible fix for self or others if we gab about it and never take objective tests and corrective action! The dynamic is "offer, and receive acceptance or rejection." Take a "no" but do not stick around to babysit a bad actor. LOVE YOU! GOD LOVES YOU! BLESSINGS! Steady on! PHONE: 877-700-1556
DR. AMEN has a series of PBS presentations that are brain-changing.

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