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tooth and gum
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Published: 84 days ago

tooth and gum

Tooth and Gum Squirt (or basically any of the large herbal blends will work) put in a large 16oz glass round amber bottle with a large PULL TRIGGER squirt dispenser------could literally take any child on earth and insure they have strong bones and teeth and de-worm them, keep them de-wormed and disease free their entire simply "tweaking" the formula from baby strength through out life as as strong as desired.

HERBAL CONCENTRATE was the champion of all Q-10 herbal blends---a 1 stop do it all, cover every base herbal blend-----but it has to be a PASTE and people refused to "taste" their herbs ---BUT some will take herbs as a LIQUID.

KIDS raised on wild oregano oil will grow up to ENJOY wild oregano and that fact alone---makes them SUPER KIDS

The commercial herbal / supplement world is truly a joke of the old being repeated over and over as commercial trash.......all the authors pretty much fakes and the internet people only want what the fakes are telling them in their videos to take.

IT WAS NOT HARD to discover what works----------simply give it to the amish with their large family of kids and they will buy what works and not buy what is a waste of time and $$$

The 1957 Co-Q10 book / theory was correct, the greedy authors (scientist) just picked the wrong thing----they used beef liver and then gave their idea to japan who makes it out of tobacco as does china---they are all wrong. BUT their discovery was correct, out LIVER and BLOOD are smart and they DECIDE what they need daily.

Dr. Christopher and many other greats ended up with 1 or 2 pet herbal blends---large blends of maybe 6-7+ herbs........they probably never understood why those worked; but make formulas with 20 or even 50+ different herbs and you have a true Co-Q10 formula................

TAKE every herb that is goof for daily use blend 100 together and you have achieved victory............

WHY don't they do it? BECAUSE no author direct them---no dr. clark's leading them down that path.

Max Restore Adult or Longevity Spices or P/W A or any large super blend-----works, but they can not be mixed with the oils........the Oil Blend Liver Gallbladder Cleanse is the cat's MEOW and the only way ALL can be made is as a PASTE and that was just too advanced for people to try.


1 bottle of SQUIRT oils and 1 bottle of Squirt Herbs-------------raise a child on that simple theory and you would raise a super human

Small liquid dosages

Both taste good, because as a Squirt, they can be made GOOD TASTING

How many people on earth doing this? ZERO



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