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I've got a problem
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Published: 21 years ago

I've got a problem

Hi, my problem started about three years ago when I started getting pains in my groin area. The pain is a like very sharp stabbing or piercing feeling about one quarter of the way down from the top of the penis, a bad sharp pain in the testicles. And if I push in my stomach about 2 and a half inches up from my penis I can feel a pain that is associated with the other pains. These pains would come on for a while and then go away for a while in waves. I saw a Dr. who gave me 1 pill of Vloxin 400mg and 4 pills of Zithronex. The problem seemed to go away while I was taking the medication but then came back with the same intensity. It is difficult for me to say with certainty that the problem went away while I was taking the medication because the pain would come and go so it could have just been away during that period but it did seem to me that it went away for a longer period than usual.
Next I saw an urologist. He tested my prostate which turned out to be healthy. He gave me about a months worth of Sulfameth Trimeth 800/160mg. Again it seemed that the pain went away while I was taking the medication but then afterwards came back again.
Then at the end of October in 2000 my health took a really bad turn for the worse seemingly over night. I stared waking up feeling really strange feelings and pains in my chest and throat which accompanied me throughout the day like swimming in a nightmare feeling. It is difficult to describe but it felt as though this pain was circulating through my body and it had a sort of acidic feel to it. Also my ears started ringing nearly all of the time and I had a kind of just yucky feeling in my head. A doctor gave me avelox and Zoloft for anxiety. The Avelox seemed to take away the pain in my groin while I was taking it but then came back again. Unfortunately the rest of my pains were only affected mildly if at all.
Next I saw another doctor. He thought maybe I had something going on with my thyroid and gave me Propranolol 20mg. After this didn’t work he gave me BU Spar for anxiety and valume10mg. The BU Spar didn’t do anything for me. The valume gave me a much needed relief from nearly all of the pain but also would make me very tired so I only would take one quarter of a pill at a time which still made me tired, didn't take away enough of the pain and of course wasn’t remedying the problem at all.
Next I took on another symptom which was a general feeling of nausea. It was not to the point to where I felt like I was going to throw up, just definitely uncomfortable and taxing. I saw another doctor who recommended for me some multiple mineral supplements. And he gave me an eight day diet (Certain grains and greens) to clean out the body of parasites which I decided to do for a month instead of eight days to see if it would work. He recommended I buy from him a stool test to test for parasites but the lab said that the doctor’s office didn’t give me all the paper work and they didn’t process the lab so I ended up wasting all that time for nothing.
Since then I saw another doctor who gave me a diet that eliminates foods in order to test whether you are allergic to certain foods. He gave me another blood test. I say another because I have been tested now several times for STD’s and other illnesses since this has happened.
That leads us to my current condition. I still have a sharp pain in my penis that comes and goes and the strange feelings that consume and drain me of energy. I also still have the ringing in my ears. I exasperated from this going on for so long. For what it is worth (

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