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Re: 12 Things Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Liver
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Published: 8 months ago
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Re: 12 Things Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Liver

This guy can come over as a really smart guy------yet he is probably dumb as a rock, I stopped wasting my time watching about 2 minutes in---because he is full of possible "assumptions" and endless possible reasons....

"IF" he understood liver health--which is what he is trying to trick the viewer to believe---he would start out saying:

ALL OF YOU HAVE LIVER DAMAGE and your poor health results in all these FEET ISSUES and your FIRST STEP is to KILL THE LIVER FLUKES, SHEEP FLUKES and endless varieties of worms that are EATING YOUR LIVER NONE STOP and making worm NEST inside your liver........

THESE WORMS feasting on your horrible diet-----clog up your liver functions and all that WASTE that is suppose to be dumped out your gallbladder and down and out your BUTT, instead goes up into your neck and breast and arms and hands and ruptures your lymph glands, feeds your LYMES WORMS that eat your joints and as your nexk swells and your breast bloat----------you should expect cancers...................A REAL WOMAN understands only pregnant mothers have larger than normal breast and when she is done feeding her baby, her breast SHRINK back to a normal size----all those females and males with large breast----YUP, they all got plenty of liver problems....


At the football game last night, it was around 40 degrees or a little less----people and the players were COLD, luckily it was not raining or snowing ---- I am certain I was the only person there wearing rubber sandals and no socks......

FEET were NEVER EVER created to wear a shoe-----ALL civilized humans have PINCHED FEET with PINCHED / DAMAGED NERVES and that affects the ENTIRE BODY---same as damages hands do, etc...

REAL "FREE" FEET are very wide and I have only seen them in pictures and with a few very elderly amish women that NEVER PUT ON SHOES their entire lifetime.....I have never seen a live american male with FREE FEET-------males tend to wear shoes no matter how poor they are....while mothers that rarely leave the homestead can go shoe free their entire lifetime...

FEET are designed to have contact with the earth at all times------WEARING rubber sandals is not ideal, but due to dirty public bathrooms, cement that can have broken glass, etc. and all the man made none natural sharp stuff---a pair of hard rubber sandals is a must have........ HARD RUBBER you wash in water, like a creek, stream, garden hose, etc......they NEVER ROT, but they wear out, they will develop a hole the size of silver dollar, which gives you TRACTION, but due to dirty public bathrooms and the such-----change to new shoes once the hole is too large.

A GOOD PAIR of hard rubber sandals will cost $6-$20 per pair----they are not easy to find---so many are junk made and will fall apart. THEY MUST be molded as 100% 1 piece and not 2 pieces.. you want them strong and not soft. Soft rubber wears out faster.

SHOES protects your feet like glasses protects your eyes....SAFETY

YOUR FEET should be in contact with the bare earth and be about 50 degrees colder than your BLOOD

THIS FORCES your BLOOD to circulate in your feet and EXPEL your WASTE down and out your FEET


YOUR FEET can be comfortable in 40 degree weather if your core body is warm---FEET ARE SUPPOSE to be in contact with cold---your blood will make your FEET TOASTY WARM....when people comment on my sandals in the winter time---I often take them off and step into the snow, etc, and say----AH, that feels better...

MY FEET are far from healthy specimens, but what this poor fellow is suggesting---is based on his failure to know liver health in the first place or how the body functions..

YOUR HUMAN LIVER is literally eaten alive------literally it is lunch for your worms, because your liver replicates its self your entire lifetime--making it a great and easy food source for worms....


A NEW LIVER is easier than you know

A NEW HEART is so easy it is almost silly

THE WORLD KNEW and UNDERSTOOD by the year 1950 and the experts knew by the year 1900 and had it perfected by 1935

College and internet education has always been the "opposite" by their design...those that own those things, believe humans should never live past age 40--for the good of the billionaires...not for the slaves. If you want to live well past age 40, you do as Jesus said 2,000+ years ago---WALK AWAY from the $$$$$, those with the $$$$ will deceive you, so they can have more $$$$---but never forget, you were born on a battle ground, life is never going to be easy....survival is for the fittest.

"IF" you put socks on---your feet should feel SUFFOCATED and only done when the snow is too deep and rubber boots required---they actually make hard rubber boots they are super lightweight.


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