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Re: who does it
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Published: 76 days ago
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Re: who does it

The top reasons NPC-breediotards force innocent souls into this pointless hellish existence:
1. Unprotected sex

2. "I wanted to have a living doll"

3. "I need a baby to love and admire me, because nobody (not even animals) notice me"

4. "I need my child to take care of me when I get old"

5. "I am bored with life & needed meaning/purpose’’

6. ‘I need free laborers’

7. ‘Since life is a ‘gift’ and ‘wonderful’, I need somebody to be able to legally: kick/punch/ scream at/ beat up till unconscious/ / have expectations from/ threaten/ judge/ molest/ terrorize/ dominate/ guilt trip/ control/ gaslight/ bully... you know, to take out my anger/frustrations on somebody defenceless and smaller/weaker than myself...

8. ‘I want my spawn to become rich/famous so I too will automatically become rich/famous

9. ‘I am lonely, I need company, i.e. I need a human pet(s)’

10. ‘I want to continue my ‘legacy’ of: horrible genetics/looks/diseases, failure, suffering, exploitation, misery, debt, poverty, wretchedness, being a loser nobody etc.’

11. ‘I want to lock down a clueless mega beta-simp-mangina-cuck in order to divorce rape him if he got $$$ + alimony and also get child support $$$ and freebies/welfare/benefits from the gubment (‘free’: money/housing/bills/food/public indoctrination camp ‘schooling’ etc. and other privileges child-free people don’t have)’

12. ‘I need tax benefits.’

13. Babies/infants/toddlers make me feel ‘worthy’ ‘of something’ because my child(ren) think(s) I am the best thing ever in this realm/existence/dimension of lifelong exploitation, suffering and death. They consider me a god figure. I love being a god figure.

14. ‘I want to save my failing marriage/relationshit.’

15. ‘I want a living punching/kicking bag.’

16. ‘I want to try to do something ‘fun’.’

17. ‘The cemetery/crematory industrial complex needs more rotting dead bodies in order to stay filthy rich/wealthy.’

18. ‘The pharmaceutical industry needs more victims and perpetrators.’

19. ‘I mean everybody else does it and my religion claims my purpose is to multiply like unconscious animals, I am an NPC and I believe my ‘religion’.’

20. ‘I want to ‘CONtribute’ to soyciety and decided to pump out more: NPCs, human resources, minimum wage slaves, suicide victims, drug overdose victims, consumers of everything, alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless people, criminals, cartel members, rapists, female/male pedos, gang members, racists, BLM members, communists, socialists, bolsheviks, marxists, hitmen/hitwomen, cancer/diabetes/heart disease etc. victims, big pharma perpetrators and victims, military industrial complex perpetrators and victims, war criminals,/mongers, lunatics, pharmaceutical drug addicts, disabled people, satanists, religious/cult members, con artist criminals wearing uniforms-badges/white coats/suits-ties,

21. "I'm an NPC who succumbs to DNA and I really wanna see a baby version of myself"


Creating a human, a human that will require care and sustenance just so they can play the good samaritan role and call themselves heroes... that is beyond evil.

Envy and self hate leads to procreation always. Breediotards are black holes who hope to extract the happiness and light from a child… when the copying mechanism get to them. Any human who has a child is insane evil incarnate, and that is proven every day.

NPCs hear what they want to hear and filter out the rest & that is their psychological imperative.

Imagine being so lucky that you're never born. Imagine being so unlucky that you ARE born.

Breediotards do not care about what their spawn will be facing in 10, 20, 30 years. What they care about is the release of Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins experienced with the babies birth. The purpose and meaning they will get out of a baby that has to depend on them for their needs/wants, and the praise they get from soyciety for breeding like unconscious animals. That is what breediotards care about.

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