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Re: The Bible Herbs
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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: The Bible Herbs

every creature killed for MEAT has been consuming aluminum since 1949 and titanium dioxide by 1992 and all the man made pollutants in the entire chemical industrial world.

Those that believe in the acid stomach---call animals their foods

Those that believe in the alkaline stomach---they believe they live on the sun and the stuff they out in their mouths had better be cleansing sweet fruits, otherwise everything that enters the mouth only ads more poisons to the body.

The GREATEST health educational books were written by a Dr. that believed in the acid / meat diet and sadly he died before age 65...he wrote the greatest books explaining human health or better put---why humans are killed by way of what they eat or are "fed"

Dr. Hay for 1 example believed in the sweet fruit diet as cleansers and all about Alkaline---but Dr. John R. Christopher who was 100% anti-meat, he believed in the acid stomach

Authors writing based on their belief in acid verses alkaline affects their books---you just have to "ADJUST" while reading their books.......

There is no argument that human blood is 100% ALKALINE and if it could go acidic, we know that as COMA, so in fact, the human stomach is in a constant battle of coma....and as that acidic stomach oozes ACIDS out the valve and drips into the small intestine and BURNS and SCARS those intestines and that in turn destroys the billions of finger like villi that enable foods to be collected----the humans all starve and then eat more and more and more and each meal burns their intestines until they all 1 day have diverticulitis operations by chinese robots that cut out the rot and install a poop bag.

The acid stomach is for milk digestion and by age 18 months that all should start to fade away---an old subject that the acid believers will forever deny.

SWEET YUMMY FRESH PICKED FRUITS and BERRIES and HONEY can taste so YUMMY----but I can guarantee that NOT 1 FRESH KILLED ANIMAL/FISH/BIRD will taste YUMMY as you rip out the guts and brains with your teeth and swallow chunks---because humans can not chew meats anymore than any predator can chew up meats.....predators rip and swallow.

ACID or ALKALINE DIET makes very little difference today---all humans are poisoned to death long before the differences will matter.

FIND a person that says they love RAW FRESH KILL with zero seasoning or cooking first----------------maybe those that like raw fish, raw ocean animals such as bottom feeders full of fungus/worms may learn to like the raw taste----but not 1 will be sweet, only sweet fruits and berries and honey satisfies the human blood stream.....

MEAT CONSUMPTION destroys human cells and those cells then release HYDROGEN ENERGY---meat eaters get HIGH OFF of eating their own cells and can build muscles on their own cells---not from the dead animals---DEAD ANIMALS GO DOWN THE TOILET, they are not found in your muscles and bones, anymore than dirt is found inside trees.

SWEET FRUITS CLEANSE out your dead cells, they are not inside your muscles........WE ARE OXYGEN BURNERS.....not animals meats or fruits/veggies......

PEOPLE have proven they can live on air alone---well studies before anyone today was way they breathe they can control their weight........AIR is LOADED WITH WATER and SUN PARTICLES, those particles use to be called manna.

I eat anything that does not eat me first---but I hope my brain puts it all down the toilet unused.

In learned LONG AGO, that "if" we give the blood what it wants---then it will not make use of what we are trained to eat and all that just turns to ______in the toilets.

IF we lack calcium for 1 example----our blood will absorb the lead from city water.

IF we do not lack something---all we put in our mouths should go down the toilets----the 1957 q-10 scientist were on the correct path, they just chose wrong and the japan made it worse---out of tobacco---the chinese study all, they grow all, but 1 american M.D. that was not born in America---he was on the correct trail, ecept for the fact his college educations made him believe in the meat diet...and all great MD today, tell those they like---YOU BETTER DROP THE MEAT by age 65, unless you enjoy cancers and loss of your organs.

LUCKILY many have the freedom to eat what they like.....and die like we like best.


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