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Female help with Vitex..

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jwuc Views: 62
Published: 3 months ago

Female help with Vitex..

Ok it is time to put an end to my crazy bleeding I've had since 2018, when a naturopath tried to detox my liver with glutathione (I speculate it may have caused massive re-circulation of estrogen or it raised my prolactin). Long story short, profuse non-stop bleeding till now and I no longer have what resembles a menstrual period since it is continual. After that initial event in 2018, a gynecologist gave me high dose birth control pills for a month (6 pills a day) to try and stop it but what I didn't know was I was most likely very estrogen dominant to begin with. At one point he also gave me Prometrium that I took for a week. These pills only served to make me more estrogen dominant. I thought I was going to die not just from bleeding but from the hot flashes and mental anguish the BCP/Prometrium caused. It probably shut down my own ability to make progesterone/estrogen/testosterone, all while raising prolactin. I went through SSRI/Benzo withdrawal back in 2012 and wasn't recovered by 2018, so I suspect my dopamine was probaby all over the place. I also cold turkeyed birth control pills in 2010 but my periods always arrived in a timely manner up until the SSRI/benzo withdrawals, although they were on the heavy side.

My prolactin is currently in the higher part of the range. I looked back at old blood tests and I was always in the higher range. I'm presently taking DIM and Calcium D-glucarate, didn't stop my bleeding but it has lessened the flow. Im tracking ovulation and today I see the faintest second line on LH strips but I'm still bleeding. I have a feeling the DIM is helping some and my body is trying to have a LH surge. I've been tracking for over 14 days and if this was a normal cycle, ovulation would have happened by now. I am looking to initiate Vitex tomorrow at 800mg but I'm not sure how long to run it for. I've read to take it until a period arrives or if there's no ovulation to take it 25 days on and 5 days off. But with my continuous bleeding do you think it's possible for me to take Vitex continuously for two months without a break since I don't know whether my bleeding is an actual period? I assume Vitex will stop my bleeding at some point with an uptick in progesterone but if another bleed shows up, I won't know if it's a real menstrual period or if it's just one of these monstrous estrogen breakthrough bleeds. I'm not sure how to conduct this so I make sure that progesterone stays elevated and prolactin lowers to more comfortable levels. I'm afraid if I take a break even for a couple days, the progesterone won't be robust enough. Unless I would be doing more harm by staying on continuously. Any insight would be great!

PS. I have been using acupuncture on myself since 2018 to temporarily stop my bleeding for a week or more to regain hemoglobins. Instructed by acupuncturist. It's the only reason I'm still alive at this moment. I stopped going because i could no longer afford it and she couldn't leave me to die so she graciously taught me some points.

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