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Re: Epididymal Cyst

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Published: 71 days ago
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Re: Epididymal Cyst

Thanks and TEXAS is the perfect state for a BIG MAN

39 an ideal age to prevent all the problems can can show up after 50's

. So I have some milk thistle and Iím gonna start with that first. Plus Iím gonna use some castor oil packs on my left epydidmis.

Sounds great

Naturally a forum such as cure zone that has zero ability to remove pesky trolls-----please e-mail direct

As far as professionals go, ideally you want to see the best chiropractor in your area and ideal is once a month and a normal cost is about $40 per visit. He will have to be a big man, because you are a big man and a good chiropractor will always be a big man or at the very least, a strong man. The real chiropractor will never take x-rays or any of that stuff more will they sale you products.......beware all the pansy chiropractors that have gimmicks and take x-rays. A real chiropractor only does chiropractic and nothing else.

The chiropractors job is to make sure you have no bones out of place that can interfere with your kidneys and nerves----all organs require good nerves and a human can be damaged at any age and often can be fixed the very first visit if the chiropractor is good......when hurting or have any health problem---see the chiropractor first and tell him everything.

CYST is something that does not belong there.

Kidneys can dissolve the rocky stuff.

The fatty huge cyst that are visible are easily cut out---Dr. Pimple Popper on TV is surely the best--she cuts them all out, while all the other drs are scared of them---in your case, small and in difficult areas makes it hard for you----but if you can "feel" such a cyst ---massage is always good or in case of wrist cyst the old bible book method really works.

KEEP IN MINE----natural suggestions simple means ZERO MEDICAL ADVICE, only your MD an all their testing equipment is for that it is ONE CURE--cures ALL, what ever it takes to restore your circulation.

If it was I, I would start kidney herbs asap and that also means, I would never want to drink city water, well water, etc. until after you have steam distilled it clean first.

Clean Water
No dental poisons, those are the 2 must do and cost the most to achieve.

CLEAN water isn just part of living healthy. STEAM DISTILLED ONLY and then you can do wonders...

The Kidney herbs you can make tea and drink, you can buy bulk powder formulas and surely you can find capsule formulas on line. Sadly online can come with filers and garbage, so pick a well known herb company when possible. As a Tincture the herbs will have a bite, because there will be some cayenne in the mix.

Due to location, herbal sprays can do wonders...

If your up to "RESTORATION", then the sky is the limit. You can expel stuff from your nobody that you never dreamed could be there.

My wife's mother had those old lady LARGE CYST ---ovarian HUGE CYSTE and all that female stuff..........she followed the basic diet of Dr. John R.Christopher and the standard Liver Flushes and she lost about 100 pounds in 9 months, looked like a completely different woman, lost all the cyst / tumors in her body--that was 20+ years ago and in her late 80's her and her husband are more active than anyone here would believe---at age 89, he still drives big rigs all over the country--but his wife has him taking a lot of herbs. They steam distill all their water, etc. They also eat everything they like---

"all" cyst are pre-cancerous according to the good health books.. and size does not matter, the location and what they are blocking is the problem--if a cyst caused a problem, then who knows how long that cyst has been or how many are elsewhere---the true cure is a clean body----but when emergency surgery is required to save a life--that is what makes those surgeons wonderful.

IF your trying Naturally, there is no way to now how long it takes----and ideally you make changes so you never have the same problem twice.

Herbs are about 1/6th the total solution---diets/habits, etc. is what makes or breaks us all.


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