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Re: To GeminiLady and everyone...
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: To GeminiLady and everyone...

It is always interesting in what part of a conversation or letter that people pick out and choose as their battlestand. I am no different as you will see. It speaks volumes about who we are. When we go defensive on those things we speak more about ourselves than we probably want people to know.

If you dont see the irony, you have closed your eyes to it by choice, and if that is the case, you have closed your eyes to so much else. That being said... (this will be overtly positive) by coming to the curezone, you have chosen to open your eyes, or as i stated in the last post, you are peeking through a crack in the door. Will you open it all the way and step through, or will you always be peering out from your coccoon? You are in transformation, and possibly for the first time in your life you have decided not to be the victim of life... intersting no?

I too would only like to offer you encouragement, but not at the expense of people who are willing, by their good nature, to offer you all they know from their experience and education. You owe it to everyone here, to those who help you, and those who will go back through these posts in an effort to educate themselves, to spend more time in your own research and developement. They will never ask you to do it, that is not their nature for they need no such thanks, nor are they asking me to speak for them... and i do not speak in their behalf... but THAT is the right thing to do for YOURSELF... which is the point of the Curezone. They made the extra effort, so should you.

Last winter I spent 2 1/2 out of 4 months taking care of a friend in his final stages of Crones disease, who lived half the country away. He spent 30 of his 47 years with that disease and had 31 operations. He had every complication imaginable, among them having his esophogus removed and his stomach moved up to his throat. I was with him when he gagged on his jello as he learned to eat again. The nurse would be standing by with a suction tube and suck the jello and fluid from his lungs as he choked and gagged because he had to develope the skills to send the food to the right place. I can give you an endless list of things you would cry over for days. Images that haunt. The last few years were so physically painful with lesions, adhesions, surguries, Gallstones and the like, he lived on street bought pain killers. He endured so much for so long, and every single time he had a new doctor, HE had to educate them. I watched it for 10 years. Bad advice given from incompetent doctors who didnt do their homework either, and these were specialists. At the end I was with him and his mother when the doctors said there was no more that could be done, she had to do what was best for him... it took her 6 hours to make the decision that she knew she would eventually make, and took him off life support.

I did not know of the curezone then... for years I could have made his life easier. I could have extended his life too, and in a positive way, without as much pain or expense. He went through 2 individual million dollar health insurance policies and owed another half million+ when he died. Virtually everything left went to pay off the debts, the only reason there was anything left was because the hospitals relieved him of most of that half million as a hardship case.

So go ahead and cry and hide behind your hurt feelings and illnesses, its your choice to stay on that level or grow. You have the time and have found resources to make something more of your life... some dont. Dont waste it by scratching at the surface.

And finally, You and I were brought together on this forum for a reason... God is in the details.

I wish you health and wellness. Scott


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