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Re: Scared all the time
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Scared all the time

Hi...I only have a few minutes...but I did want to respond...
I've dealt with Depression most of my life...check out my posts on the Depression board..I think my culprit might have been Antibiotics or at least was part of the problem.

I was on AD's for 18 friggin years and they almost took my life.

I'm now off of them...I've heard from 3 doctors that it takes at least 1 year or more to get your CNS back to normal after these drugs and that it can be more difficult that comming of cocaine. I've been off almost 11 months and it has not been easy.

Long, Long story...

I did want to say that for me...I no longer believe in the drug senerio and will not go back on them for anything or anyone.

I now know that we are not deficient in prozac..that if we have any kind of imbalance it is a nutrient imbalance..nothing more..of course with that said..things like the aspartame, Antibiotics can cause problems..

I really hope you take a look at paxil progress just to read up on all the things that people are looking into in the way of supplements to help themselves...just keep looking and learning.

I don't know anything about your mineral supplement but I can tell you that Antibiotic deplete magnesium in the body and I've read that some anti depressants do as well... and low or no mag can cause Depression and anxiety.

The one everyone on paxilprogress is using is magnesium glycinate.
Taking to bowel tolerance.

Also..I don't know if you've read the good things about Omega 3s but people in countries with high fish intake do not have depression or heart disease.

We are eating the wrong kinds of fats in this country...and lots of damaged fats...the cells in our body require EFA's like in Fish oil or cod liver oil..

This fat is what makes up the cell wall and allows proper enegy exchange...allowing toxins out and nutrients in..

EFT can be found on or on works on the same principle as accupressure.. with the premious that we are enery beings and that trama gets sort of caught in the body and can be relieved by tapping on meridian points on the body to release and let go of the trauma...I know that is very bad explanation...but you get the point...

Please also search out the name DR.Tracy on the paxil progress board to find a post that I posted their..It is notes from a CD from Dr. Tracy..."Help I can't get off my antidepressant" in it she talks about how these drugs cause a doubling of cortisol in the body...a stress hormone...(WHICH is why you have gained weight)

She also mentions that people with depression and anxiety may not be low in seratonin but have an inability to metabolize seratonin and taking these anti depressants is the wrong thing to do..

One other thing that she mentions is the connection of hypoglycemia to depression and anxiety...that the medical community has know since the turn of the century that mental illness is Sugar related.. might want to get off www.mercola for info on that.

If you need a sweetener...go for stevia.

Hope to see you on the board.

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