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Re: An idea of what God without Religion is
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: An idea of what God without Religion is

>>>>Is an "organised religion" the only way to have that relationship?<<<

The easiest way to answer your question is to go back to the beginning. Was there religion when Adam and Eve walked and communed with God? NO

Belive it or not, in Heaven, it will be as such as it was in the Garden of Eden...Perfect Truth, Perfect Harmony, Perfect Love. And that Love is God...God is Love and love comes from God. Anyone who does not have love does not know God, notr ever will. Anything that is good, comes from God and that which is evil comes from the prince of darkness, Satan.

In the same way, I belong to NO religion. But I have a deep and loving relationship with God. I talk with Him multiple times throughout the day. I belong to a protestant church with NO denomination. Do I need to go to church to be saved? NO, of course not. Church is about fellowship. Do I have to hear the sermons is order to get God's Word? No, of course not...all I have to do is open my Bible and ask God for understanding so I will be able to understand the words in the Bible. God sent us Jesus in order to have a very personal, intimate realtionship with God.

Unfortunately, I have never been to a church that TEACHES a person how to read and interpret the Bible's message. But when I asked God to give me the power of interpretation and discernment, I began to understand its meaning...the Bible is not a is not pages full of is not a is not up for debate at ANY level....for man's wisdom looks foolish next to God's wisdom...the Bible is a LIVING message that shows people that God loves them...His love for us is incomprehensible...God says that we are His most treasured and precious creation because we are created IN HIS OWN IMAGE (Genesis 1:26-28)...we didnt "evolve" from an ape, an animal, from one-celled creatures....we were created by God...and for one small moment on that Cross, God bore the sin of ALL human creation, so that we could have a CHANCE of having eternal life with the Arthitect of Creation, the Ancient of Days, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

>>>>>Is having that relationship outside of that organised religion okay? why, why not<<<

Well, I have answered most of this question in the reply above. You need not belong to a religion in order to have a relationship with God. (Finding a good church to belong to will greatly help your relationship though.)

YOU can start RIGHT NOW!!! In the privacy of your own mind. You simply call on God and ask Jesus to come into your heart...ask for forgiveness, repent, accept Him as your Savior and the most all-powerful God will be within your soul....the One who created and holds the entire universe in His Hand...yes, it is true that The Father and Jesus Christ physically are not present on earth, they are in Heaven now...but the Holy Spirit IS here walking with us -- that is, if we accept Him in our hearts and souls.

It is a great pity, but most people will never be able to commune beyond their physicalness....our physicalness is such a small small small part of our being...our bodies will die one day, but the spirit within will never perish. Our physical bodies are INCAPABLE of communing with God because it is sinful in nature and God CANNOT be in the sight of sin...that is why we must ask for forgiveness of our sins in order to communicate with God. But the great thing is that God DOES understand our situation. That is why He sent us a Savior. God is not concerned about our rightousness, He is concerned about our enternity.

I will summarize by saying that it is a pity that most people on this planet put their faith in man, religion and yes, themselves. Ever wonder about this --- when something goes wrong that is bad...people BLAME God? Why is that? They actually think God does BAD things!!! What about satan? God sent Lucifur (Satan, His favorite and most powerful angel) down to earth because Lucifer wanted to be God. And with Lucifer went countless angels with him, which we call demons. There are billions and billions of demons walking among some, it is scary, but Lucifer can perform earthly miracles...he has the power to tempt us and cause us to make bad decisions. When bad things happen, it is NOT from God, it is from satan...when satan moves the plates of the earth, it causes earthquakes, when he blows the wind of the earth, it causes hurricanes....Good comes from God, evil comes from satan.

Well, I hope that I dont sound like a preacher, my answer is long because I am trying to convey to you what God has given to me, and I believe I speak here with the inspiration of God because before I began writing this reply, I asked God to help me and give me inspiration :-)

Here is a gift for everyone one reads this:

I wholeheartedly ask God to touch EVERYONE who reads my message...All for the Name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and King!!

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