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Re: Creationism is not even a theory its a lie!
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Creationism is not even a theory its a lie!

All science, in fact all discovery and knowledge, is called theory. One of the posters asserts that evolutionists "Fit" the evidence to their theory, yet offers no evidence to prove this assertion. That is not suprising. Christians offer no evidence of anything. You want to talk about financial interests being served. The tax free churches in this country are among the richest institutions in the world, and they get their money from donations from believers. It is in their complete financial interests to keep people believeing. Also, every new discovery, every bit of progress in history (the end of slavery, women's rights, the discovery that the Earth is NOT the center of the universe) was vehemently opposed by christianity. In fact the chrisitian church's (Especially the catholic church) would have people executed or banished for diverging from orthodoxy. (Look up Guiseppe Bruno, Galileo's mentor). For your info by the way:
1924 - Authorolopithicus Africanis (brain and jaw of primitive man) discovered.2 million years old.
1950's - Zinganthripus poisii - one of the first tool making humans.
1960's - Homo Havelus - First ape with human teeth.
1925-1965 - over 100 transitional fossils discovered in Africa representing many different lines of evolution. Some, like Neanderthal man, died out.
1974 - Ausrolopithicus Afirensis - first upright walking ape - 3 million years old.

By no means an exhaustive list. Just hitting the highlights. I am sure some will dismiss it so they can go on believing what they want. Let me reitterate a point I made in my last post. Evolution is a scince arrived at INDEPENDENTLY by 1000's of scientists from different fields over the course of decades. It is not some Conspiracy masterminded by a few. That idea may make it easier for critics to dismiss, but it has no basis in truth.

While I agree that some Science is tainted by money, that is only the case when a product is being produced, like a pharmacuetical or new technology. University grants in this country and ezpecially Europe, and Australia have strict ethics rules that prevent outside interests from tainting their results. I know this fact personally because I have a masters and bachelors in science. Before you accuse me of bias, I have no financial interest in any scientific endevor. I make my living as a composer (By choice).

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