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Science Research Proves Evolution Hoax
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Published: 17 years ago

Science Research Proves Evolution Hoax

Introduction To A New E-Book
Science Research Proves Evolution Hoax
By Bruce D. McKay, Elijah

After being taken up and then returning to this earth, having been in the presence of God, I was never the same.* Even as a young boy it greatly concerned me that many persons deliberately disregarded God and many doubted the reality of Paradise; they did not believe in either a Heaven or Hell. Many, including my own parents, were against all kinds of religion in general. As a twelve-year old (in 1952), I was forbidden to even speak about God in school. They had somehow banned prayer in the public schools. I had an unhappy, screaming and ragging teacher. She had been jilted and left "standing at the alter!" Her plan was to seriously humiliate any male, who did not strictly conform to her every wish. I was always talking about God, and I had eagerly returned to school because I thought my new teachers would be more than happy to hear what I had do say. Instead, I was "bussed in" to Jackson Elementary, in the famous ninth ward of New Orleans. The first time I laid my eyes on Jackson Elementary, it was surrounded by a twenty-foot high chain link fence, with another two feet of running barbed wire, along the top! This school truly looked like an old brick prison. It was certainly a far cry from the schools I had attended in Maryville and Knoxville, Tennessee. There was not one tree, nor a single blade of grass on the entire school grounds!
I soon leaned why all the grass was gone. It was gone because of the persistent tramping of the feet of so many children. The fence had been erected years ago, to supposedly stop the bricks being thrown through the windows. But, the windows of the first three floors were still either broken out, or all boarded up. There was a war going on.

It was there that I began to see that (in the public schools,) the children of the world were being taught to base all their thinking on a godless ideology. I rejected my textbooks, and refused to participate. I was adamant about this, so adamant that they stamped "unreachable," on all my school records. The real basis of the "educational revolution" would turn out to be evolution and certain so-called geological principles of Charles Lyell. When I became aware of them, I knew first hand that it was all a great deception.

My mother began to be very concerned about what was going on with me, and she saw that I had great analytical powers like those of Saint Thomas Aquinas. He had been famed for his powers of synthesis and construction, so she took me to be interviewed for "private schooling." There I was in a large office. The walls were covered with books. He dismissed my mother from the room, and then asked me to tell him what had happened. I did as he bid, but as soon as I began to tell about being taken up to paradise in a gigantic tunnel of light, he stopped me. "I know you are making all this up!" he said loudly. I replied, asking him how he could have knowledge of such a thing, if he had not experienced it himself. "It's in the Bible," he said. I was most interested in seeing such a book, and he began to tell me how people get to heaven is by "climbing Jacob's ladder!"
I countered, stating that I didn't believe that it was, in the Bible. After as brief an exchange as that, he claimed he was going to prove it to me. Then, upon being unable to find the exact verse about Jacob, he became more and more frustrated. As I watched, he turned to what I now know had to be a concordance, and after flipping page after page, he was still unable to find the exact reference. Then he grew even angrier, when I told him that I was willing to bet if it was indeed "in the Bible," it was only a dream, or something like that. He asked me why I said that. I told him if he was absolutely as sure as he had claimed, he would have been able to turn right to the exact passage. In fact, I told him he would have read it many times over and treasured it above almost everything else. "After I am gone from this place, when you look it up I bet you'll find it was a dream. And if this man Jacob truly saw angles descending, and going up and down, I bet that's exactly what it says. I bet that it doesn't say a thing about man or people going up and down, because it is far too great a distance!" At that he jumped to his feet! "Do you know who I am!" he said. "This is my desk, and every book in this room is mine! As you drove through those gates," he said pointing out the window, "everything you saw, is in my care. I am the head overseer of this entire school - and I am also the head over every single school in this Parish! And I am going to personally see to it that you do not get into any of them!"

Then he abruptly had my mother return into the room, where he promptly told her that I was not fit material for any of the schools in his parish. As soon as we returned home, however, (not having a Bible of her own,) she borrowed a Bible from the lady next door. She was determined, and it wasn't long before she had found the exact passage in Genesis 28. "And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it." Genesis 28:12

"Why son!" she said, "You were right! It's exactly like you said it would be - in the Bible! How did you know what the Bible said, without ever reading it first?" I told her, that I had realized it was the Lord who had blinded him so that he was unable to find the exact passage. I had simply told him the truth, and I had only said what the Lord was telling me to say. I had concluded it was the Lord's way of telling me that "private school" was not going to be the way to help me solve any issues! When she asked me what Genesis 28:12 actually meant, I told her, each step of the latter possibly meant that there was something God wanted us to learn, each day. As we learn more and more about God and His love, we are on the right path, and moving closer and closer to heaven.

I (of course) continued in public schools. Once I was old enough to begin doing research on how such a thing had happened to the educational system, I never stopped. I found that step-by-step, Lyell and his associates had developed a new concept of the world. At first, what we now see as "the Science of geology" was more accurately called, "the philosophy of geology." By rejecting all catastrophies, and that included the Genesis Flood, they claimed that only a very slow process had formed the earth, over millions and millions of years. After having been to Heaven, I knew otherwise, and for many years I was often involved in a study of how the various aspects of this false ideology of geology had actually emerged. In due time all this naturally turned into a study of evolution. In my later years, the Lord led me to study oncology, cellular biology, and many other branches of the sciences.

In Chapter One of my book I reveal that there are far greater forces than earthquakes that exist within the earth’s mantle. “Phase shifts” in matter are what have actually brought about each new geological age. This type of force drives widespread, or even worldwide “cataclysmic transformations,” and it even produces ice age effects. For example, in 1811, there was a great “cataclysmic transform” in the earth; it permanently altered the course of the Mississippi River, created and destroyed lakes, and lowered 30,000 square miles of land 6 to 15 feet. Forests were destroyed over an area of 150,000 acres. Houses, gardens, and fields were swallowed up. At seven in morning when it first struck at New Madrid, “the ground began to move in billowy patterns like sea waves. Great fissures opened up and depressions in the ground burst, spurting a mix of sand, lukewarm water, carbonized wood, small rocks, coal, and vapors.”(1) It is the great 30,000 square mile size of the area involved, however, that can not be attributable or caused by a mere earthquake, or even a series of earthquakes.

My research shows the widespread changes are actually driven by phase shifts or molecular changes within the mantle itself. The release of new matter, coming up from within the compressed matter that make up the mantle itself, fully explains how such widespread cataclysmic transformations, and this is how (extensive or very massive) global transformations occur.

Moreover, the entire world is reflecting the fact that the earth’s mantle has been significantly heating up. I believe a worldwide cataclysmic transformation is well under way. The heat is building up within the planet itself. For this reason, NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center report “the sea ice this year leading up to the month of September, 2005 will almost certainly surpass 2002 as the lowest amount of ice cover in more than a century.”(2) In addition, “Massive Out Gassing” is also being reported in the United States. The North American Plate is said to “continue fracturing.” One source says that tens of thousands of micro-quakes are being reported in the New Madrid fault zone.(3)

There are also many whales, turtles, and other species that have been dying in the oceans, and I believe this too is due to the atoms of the heavier than air gasses or a massive, global outgassing. When compressed atoms are released from the mantle, they collect in large pockets, often smelling like sewer gases or decaying garbage and rotten eggs. The same gasses in the gulf, around Florida, have greatly extended what is known as “red tide.” Outgassing is evident since the marine life being killed or endangered is not only in gulf waters, but fish kills are also found in fresh water lakes. As one investigator has noted on the local TV . . .

"Right now, anywhere we go from shore to 20 miles offshore, from Sarasota to Tarpon Springs, we can't find a single creature alive on the bottom right now," said Dive Instructor, Michael Miller. Miller says he's never seen such death and devastation under water in his 20 years of diving. "All the coral, all the sponges, all the crabs, not a single living thing, all the star fish, the brittle stars, everything's dead," said Miller on Aug. 10, 2005. (4)

My best guess would be that water temperatures are too high along the floor of the Gulf. Winter temperatures in the Gulf are normally at or near 49 degrees, and the official temperature being posted this year (in January, 2006) was 60 degrees. It may not seem like much, but how much energy does it take to raise the Gulf of Mexico ten or eleven degrees? That, and pockets of the poisonous gasses as noted above, on the surface of the waters, may be what is killing the dolphins and sea turtles. That's because they are air breathers. When they surface for air, they are often unable to escape the poisons. The same problem has already contributed to the death of many whales. All over the world, whales in record numbers are coming into ports on the bows of ships. In the areas where the whales surfaced, they were not able to escape from the seafloor-outgassing. Large schools of sharks, evidently searching for food, have been lately showing up at many public beaches around the world.

When scientists attribute all the carbon dioxide that has been building up, to “global warming,” or they call it "climate changes," they fail to grasp the reality of what is going on. They recently changed or considerably up dated the determinates on hurricanes, tornadoes, and other "severe weather warnings" on massive storms. What is happening, however, is that the mantle of the earth itself is releasing highly compressed carbon and oxygen atoms, along with other elements and gasses. These are contributing more heat energy to the planet overall, and no one in the world has even a clue about what is really taking place because they have been caught up in the highly imaginative teachings of evolution. In August 2005, the Smithsonian magazine reported,

“Glaciers are dwindling almost everywhere. In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, all the glaciers are shrinking. In Antarctica, and atop mountains in China, Peru, and Argentina, glaciers are melting fast, as is the icy cap of Mount Kilimanjaro . . .”

Chapter One is an extensive overview that contains most of the major details found in this book. It does not address the species question, however. You will find the topic of what causes all the different species addressed more fully in chapter six.

The smaller chapters are more of a commentary nature. Chapter two and some of the others are based on religious notes. Most of the other chapters are, in general, filled with details that fully support the finding that evolution was always - a great hoax.


* See: Wisdom of Solomon 4:10 in Edgar J. Goodspeed's American Translation of The Apocrypha.

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