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Re: Candida and panick attacks, anxiety etc.

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Candida and panick attacks, anxiety etc.

Hi, in my understanding candida can interfere with magnesium & B-vitamin complex metabolism (especially B-6, but that would affect them all because B's interact so much), so that even if you eat enough you can have the symptoms of deficiency.

Both nutrient deficiencies could impact anxiety. And most people don't get enough of them in their diet anyway, added to the problem of candida GI tract irritation which interferes with nutrient absorption. (Come to think of it, candida in the gut means you don't have enough good bacteria, and no one knows how much our bodies rely on the good bacteria's contribution to B-vitamin assimilation. Might be a huge impact if candida out-competes the lactobacilli. Also the liver uses magnesium & B-vits to help with detox, so candida toxins would deplete there too.)

Magnesium deficiency can make you much less able to handle stress & more nervously unstable, did for me, better now. Couldn't begin to make up my deficiency til I treated candida, no matter how many supplements I took or pumpkin seeds I ate.

B-vitamin complex deficiency also can play a big role in anxiety -- if you research it, will find anxiety (also Depression I think) as a symptom, and in my experience, they're not kidding! I had B deficiencies that I couldn't make up with supplements/food before I started treating candida.

Long story about anxiety, B's, candida & me... At one time I needed to take sulfa Antibiotics for a month. All Antibiotics will drain B's, but sulfas are especially bad, and of course made the candida much worse though I was unaware then. I was taking B supplements, but during that month I got progressively more anxious, fluttery, & weepy -- such a pronounced effect that I knew it wasn't my normal self. Then I found information that vitamin B-2/Riboflavin (&vit C) latches onto the sulfas and interferes with their function. I had a bad infection so for a day I stopped taking my B supplements until I could get to the doctor to switch Antibiotics ... That entire day without B's, my anxiety was so intense. Flutters, irrational fear, overly emotional, started crying in the drugstore when the clerk asked me how I was. It was awful. Felt a good deal better within a few days when I was able to start taking B's again (different antibiotic), though the symptoms of B deficiency are still definitely there for me, & still treating candida. Don't have the anxiety though, at least not much.

So candida definitely led to unnecessary anxiety in my experience, because it messed with my B's & magnesium. (If I remember right niacin is sometimes known as the "courage vitamin" because of its impact on this. But all B's work together so have to be sure you get them all.) I didn't have panic attacks, but that day without B's I was definitely on the edge of panic all day, could feel it in my stomach, how close I was to panic.

Maybe candida does other things to affect anxiety too, because I know it messes with hormones and I believe it has strongly impacted my adrenal gland function. Adrenals help the body react to stress/anxiety.

I always say in my posts, this is just me, may not help everyone. But on this one thing, I think it might help a lot of people! Good luck, I think you're on a good track for healing.

(Your doctor said candida was harmless? Oh my! Not the way I see it. More like so gradually harmful that the impact is hard to perceive and you end up thinking the condition of being ill with it is just the way you're made. Or just normal aging. Then if you accept that assumption you accommodate the candida, and it just continues to make you more ill. Sometimes the most harmful things are the ones that are so gradual & subtle that they slip on by the awareness.)

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