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My opinion on the Whole Approach method vs. Threelac method of curing candida.
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Published: 17 years ago

My opinion on the Whole Approach method vs. Threelac method of curing candida.

I am a user of threelac and a big believer! I just wanted to post and tell everyone how fantastic it is. I've suffered with candida for 17 years, but didn't know what it was throughout most of my sick days. I first discovered the Whole Approach method, but the medication was hard on my stomach. Like Bentonite for instance. It's liquid magma. You have to be careful when taking it because you can overdose and die from it if you don't take it with psyllium husk. It's what EMT's and hospitals use for poison patients. Please beware! Not to mention the products themselves are so hard on the stomach that they can bring on serious digestive problems, like leaky gut syndrome--very dangerous, so I stopped and worried there would be no hope for me. I was tired of taking dangerous "all-natural" drugs to just keep myself from getting worse slowly. :(

When I started on Threelac, within a couple days I went to bed and actually had a nice long dream and woke up revitalized! I just jumped out of bed instead of being dragged out by my ankles. I'd been constantly exhausted before that for as long as I can remember and no amount of sleep seemed to help, until Threelac. Now I'm dancing around the house! The wonderful restful sleep has continued just the same every night since then. Within a week, my brain fog was beginning to lift and it continued with my short term memory improving greatly! My skin now looks rosey and my bad breath and Body Odor are slowly fading. Plus my mood is fantastic lately. I feel free and I am so excited about my health now after so many years of being sick all the time! :)

I mailed Whole Approach and told them of this great product and to give it a chance, but they mailed me back with a quote from a "doctor" that was simply only a quote from a regular Joe. Unfortunately for them, I found where the quote originated from. Some people think us candida sufferers don't read! It's actually funny because we've all scoured the net for help & that's how we all got here. :) I found Threelac before I found this site. I just come in here to bask in the awesome Threelac postings! Anyway, the person they spoke of admits in another post on this site that they have "the unpopular opinion" concerning if threelac works or not. lol.

1) In their mail to me, They said Threelac is deceptive because 3lac users claim you don't have to diet along with use of Threelac. I say, of course you should diet while you take it. Don't make the job harder for Threelac or for your body. It takes years to develop problems and so it will take a lot of will and persistence to rid yourself of the problem. I am on a candida diet also and I stick to it (I never cheat or I know I would pay for it).

2) They say you will never get better once you stop taking Threelac. I am not all the way better, but the truth is, you will never get better with the Whole Approach method. You will only develop leaky gut syndrome. I hunted for anyone who said they were cured in the forums by using the Whole Approach method. I didn't find one. Many people are getting better with 3lac and I personally would choose one tasty little vanilla 3lac packet every day for the rest of my life over liquid volcano magma called Bentonite, which is more like the liquid drano method that is sold as detoxification elsewhere.

3) They say they aren't being decietful about 3lac because others post negative things about the product in their forum. Uhhhhh, yeah..Because they DELETE post who endorses it:) lol

They say Threelac is too good to be true. Well, walking on the moon was too good to be true too, but we did it, didn't we? Threelac is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! I'm dorky & I love it...heehehehehe...Thank you to whoever invented this heaven send!

I just wanted add my post to the many others who love 3lac & to warn you that people are putting down Threelac so they can lure you into buying their products and being dependent on them. I am not a seller of any health products, just a candida sufferer who wants to keep the rats out of your kitchen. I'm your threelac sportin' pussycat. :)

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